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* Major Court Rulings in Class Action Lawsuits - 2015


* Major Court Rulings in Class Action Lawsuits - 2015
The Class Action Reporter is pleased to provide our subscribers
the following list of court decisions in class action lawsuits
that we have identified as major rulings during 2015.

This list is the product of and copyrighted by Beard Group, Inc.,
and no reproduction or further use of this list is permitted
without the prior written consent of Beard Group, Inc., P.O. Box
40915, Washington, D.C. 20016

Ellen Gelboim, et al., Petitioners v. Bank of America Corporation
et al., No. 13-1174 (U.S.)

          An unsuccessful litigant in a federal district court
          may take an appeal, as a matter of right, from a "final
          decisio[n] of the district cour[t]." 28 U.S.C. Sec.
          1291.  Gelboim presents the question: Is the right to
          appeal secured by Sec. 1291 affected when a case is
          consolidated for pretrial proceedings in multidistrict
          litigation (or MDL) authorized by 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1407?
          The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit,
          acting on its own motion, dismissed the appeal filed by
          Gelboim and Zacher for want of appellate jurisdiction.
          The Supreme Court of the United States reversed the
          Second Circuit judgment, holding that the Gelboim-Zacher
          complaint retained its independent status for purposes
          of appellate jurisdiction under Sec. 1291.  The
          Petitioners' right to appeal ripened when the District
          Court dismissed their case, not upon eventual completion
          of multidistrict proceedings in all of the consolidated

          Hon. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg delivered the opinion.

          Decided: January 21, 2015

          Counsel for Petitioners Ellen Gelboim, et al.:

               Thomas C. Goldstein, Esq.
               Tejinder Singh, Esq.
               GOLDSTEIN & RUSSELL, P.C.
               7475 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 850
               Bethesda, MD  20814
               Telephone: (202) 362-0636
               E-mail: tg@goldsteinrussell.com

                    - and -

               Karen Lisa Morris, Esq.
               4001 Kennett Pike, Suite 300
               Wilmington, DE  19807
               Telephone: (302) 426-0400
               E-mail: kmorris@morrisandmorrislaw.com

                    - and -

               David H. Weinstein, Esq.
               100 South Broad Street, Suite 705
               Philadelphia, PA  19110-1061
               Telephone: (215) 545-7200 x201
               E-mail: weinstein@wka-law.com

          Counsel for Respondents Bank of America, et al.:

               Jeffrey B. Wall, Esq.
               SULLIVAN & CROMWELL LLP
               1700 New York Ave., N.W., Suite 700
               Washington, DC  20006
               Telephone: (202) 956-7500
               E-mail: wallj@sullcrom.com

                    - and -

               Seth P. Waxman, Esq.
               1875 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
               Washington, DC  20006
               Telephone: (202) 663-6000
               E-mail: seth.waxman@wilmerhale.com

          Counsel for Respondent Barclays Bank PLC:

               Jeffrey B. Wall, Esq.
               SULLIVAN & CROMWELL LLP
               1700 New York Ave., N.W., Suite 700
               Washington, DC  20006
               Telephone: (202) 956-7500

          Counsel for Respondents Bank of America Corporation
          and Bank of America, N.A.:

               Robert F. Wise, Jr., Esq.
               DAVIS POLK & WARDWELL LLP
               450 Lexington Avenue
               New York, NY 10017
               Telephone: (212) 450-4512
               Facsimile: (212) 701-5512
               E-mail: robert.wise@davispolk.com

          Counsel for Respondent The Royal Bank of Scotland
          Group plc:

               Seth P. Waxman, Esq.
               Paul R.Q. Wolfson, Esq.
               Matthew Guarnieri, Esq.
               Thomas G. Sprankling, Esq.
               1875 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
               Washington, DC  20006
               Telephone: (202) 663-6000
               E-mail: paul.wolfson@wilmerhale.com

                    - and -

               Fraser L. Hunter, Jr., Esq.
               David S. Lesser, Esq.
               Alan E. Schoenfeld, Esq.
               7 World Trade Center
               250 Greenwich Street
               New York, NY 10007
               Telephone: (212) 230 8882
               Facsimile: (212) 230 8888
               E-mail: fraser.hunter@wilmerhale.com

          Counsel for Respondent The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
          UFJ, Ltd:

               Daryl A. Libow, Esq.
               Christopher M. Viapiano, Esq.
               SULLIVAN & CROMWELL LLP
               1701 Pennsylvania Ave NW # 800
               Washington, DC 20006
               Telephone: (202) 956-7500
               E-mail: libowd@sullcrom.com

          Counsel for Respondents Citibank, N.A. and Citigroup

               Andrew A. Ruffino, Esq.
               COVINGTON & BURLING LLP
               The New York Times Building
               620 Eighth Avenue
               New York, NY 10018-1405
               Telephone: (212) 841 1097
               E-mail: aruffino@cov.com

                    - and -

               Alan M. Wiseman, Esq.
               Thomas A. Isaacson, Esq.
               Jonathan Gimblett, Esq.
               COVINGTON & BURLING LLP
               One CityCenter
               850 Tenth Street, NW
               Washington, DC 20001-4956
               Telephone: (202) 662 5069
               E-mail: awiseman@cov.com

                    - and -

               Michael R. Lazerwitz, Esq.
               One Liberty Plaza
               New York, NY 10006
               Telephone: (212) 225 2360
               Facsimile: (212) 225 3999
               E-mail: mlazerwitz@cgsh.com

          Counsel for Respondent Deutsche Bank AG:

               Moses Silverman, Esq.
               Andrew C. Finch, Esq.
               1285 Avenue of the Americas
               New York, NY 10019-6064
               Telephone: (212) 373-3355
               Facsimile: (212) 492-0355
               E-mail: msilverman@paulweiss.com

          Counsel for Respondent Barclays Bank PLC:

               David H. Braff, Esq.
               Yvonne S. Quinn, Esq.
               Jeffrey T. Scott, Esq.
               Matthew J. Porpora, Esq.
               SULLIVAN & CROMWELL LLP
               125 Broad Street
               New York, NY 10004-2498
               Telephone: (212) 558-4705
               Facsimile: (212) 558-3588
               E-mail: braffd@sullcrom.com

                    - and -

               Jonathan D. Schiller, Esq.
               Leigh M. Nathanson, Esq.
               575 Lexington Avenue, 7th Floor
               New York, NY 10022
               Telephone: (212) 446-2388
               Facsimile: (212) 446-2350
               E-mail: jschiller@bsfllp.com

                    - and -

               Michael Brille, Esq.
               Michael J. Gottlieb, Esq.
               5301 Wisconsin Ave. NW
               Washington, DC 20015
               Telephone: (202) 237-9608
               Facsimile: (202) 237-6131
               E-mail: mbrille@bsfllp.com

          Counsel for Respondent Cooperatieve Centrale
          Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A.:

               David R. Gelfand, Esq.
               Sean M. Murphy, Esq.
               28 Liberty Street
               New York, NY 10005-1413
               Telephone: (212) 530-5520
               Facsimile: (212) 822-5520
               E-mail: dgelfand@milbank.com

          Counsel for Respondents HSBC Holdings plc and HSBC
          Bank plc:

               Ed De Young, Esq.
               Roger B. Cowie, Esq.
               LOCKE LORD LLP
               2200 Ross Avenue, Suite 2200
               Dallas, TX 75201
               Telephone: (212) 812-8356
               E-mail: edeyoung@lockelord.com

                    - and -

               Gregory T. Casamento, Esq.
               LOCKE LORD LLP
               Brookfield Place
               200 Vesey Street, 20th Floor
               New York, NY 10281-2101
               Telephone: (212) 812-8325
               E-mail: gcasamento@lockelord.com

          Counsel for Respondent The Norinchukin Bank:

               Alan M. Unger, Esq.
               Andrew W. Stern, Esq.
               Nicholas P. Crowell, Esq.
               SIDLEY AUSTIN LLP
               787 Seventh Avenue
               New York, NY 10019
               Telephone: (212) 839-5785
               E-mail: aunger@sidley.com

          Counsel for Respondent Royal Bank of Canada:

               Arthur W. Hahn, Esq.
               Christian T. Kemnitz, Esq.
               525 West Monroe Street
               Chicago, IL 60661-3693
               Telephone: (312) 902-5241
               Facsimile: (312) 577-8892
               E-mail: arthur.hahn@kattenlaw.com

          Counsel for Respondent Credit Suisse Group AG:

               Herbert S. Washer, Esq.
               Elai Katz, Esq.
               Joel Kurtzberg, Esq.
               Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
               80 Pine Street
               New York, NY 10005-1702
               Telephone: (212) 701-3435
               Facsimile: (212) 378-2186
               E-mail: hwasher@cahill.com

          Counsel for Respondents Lloyds Banking Group plc and
          HBOS plc:

               Neal Kumar Katyal, Esq.
               Jessica L. Ellsworth, Esq.
               HOGAN LOVELLS US LLP
               Columbia Square
               555 Thirteenth Street, NW
               Washington, DC 20004
               Telephone: (202) 637-5528
               Facsimile: (202) 637-5910
               E-mail: neal.katyal@hoganlovells.com

                    - and -

               Marc J. Gottridge, Esq.
               Lisa J. Fried, Esq.
               HOGAN LOVELLS US LLP
               875 Third Avenue
               New York, NY 10022
               Telephone: (212) 918-3000
               Facsimile: (212) 918-3100
               E-mail: marc.gottridge@hoganlovells.com

          Counsel for Respondents JPMorgan Chase & Co. and
          JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.:

               Thomas C. Rice, Esq.
               Paul C. Gluckow, Esq.
               Omari L. Mason, Esq.
               425 Lexington Avenue
               New York, NY 10017
               Telephone: (212) 455-3040
               Facsimile: (212) 455-2502
               E-mail: trice@stblaw.com

          Counsel for Respondent The Royal Bank of Scotland
          Group plc:

               Robert Houck, Esq.
               James Miller, Esq.
               Alexandra deUrioste, Esq.
               CLIFFORD CHANCE LLP
               31 West 52nd Street
               New York, NY 10019-6131
               Telephone: (212) 878-8000
               E-mail: robert.houck@cliffordchance.com

          Counsel for Respondent Portigon AG (f/k/a WestLB AG):

               Ethan E. Litwin, Esq.
               Christopher M. Paparella, Esq.
               Marc A. Weinstein, Esq.
               Morgan J. Feder, Esq.
               HUGHES HUBBARD & REED LLP
               One Battery Park Plaza
               New York, NY 10004-1482
               Telephone: (212) 837-6540
               Facsimile: (212) 299-6540
               E-mail: ethan.litwin@hugheshubbard.com

          Counsel for Respondent UBS AG:

               Peter Sullivan, Esq.
               Lawrence J. Zweifach, Esq.
               GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP
               200 Park Avenue
               New York, NY 10166-0193
               Telephone: (212) 351-5370
               Facsimile: (212) 351-6370
               E-mail: psullivan@gibsondunn.com

                    - and -

               Thomas G. Hungar, Esq.
               D. Jarrett Arp, Esq.
               GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP
               1050 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
               Washington, DC 20036-5306
               Telephone: (202) 955-8558
               Facsimile: (202) 530-9580
               E-mail: thungar@gibsondunn.com

          Counsel to Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, et al.:

               Barry C. Barnett, Esq.
               SUSMAN GODFREY, L.L.P.
               901 Main Street, Suite 5100
               Dallas, TX  75202
               Telephone: (214) 754-1903
               E-mail: bbarnett@susmangodfrey.com

          Counsel to Retired United States District Judges:

               William M. Jay, Esq.
               GOODWIN PROCTER LLP
               901 New York Avenue, N.W.
               Washington, DC 20001
               Telephone: (202) 346-4000
               E-mail: wjay@goodwinprocter.com

          Counsel to The Chamber of Commerce of The United States
          of America:

                Kevin C. Newsom, Esq.
                1819 Fifth Avenue North
                Birmingham, AL 35203
                Telephone: (205) 521-8803
                E-mail: knewsom@babc.com

DIRECTV, Inc., Petitioner v. Amy Imburgia, et al., No. 14-462

          The U.S. Supreme Court reversed a California court's
          refusal to enforce an arbitration provision in
          DIRECTV's service agreement with customers.  Amy
          Imburgia and Kathy Greiner brought this lawsuit in 2008
          against DIRECTV in California state court.  They seek
          damages for early termination fees that they believe
          violate California law.  DIRECTV, pointing to the
          arbitration provision, asked the court to send the
          matter to arbitration. The state trial court denied
          that request, and DIRECTV appealed.  The California
          Court of Appeal subsequently held in this case that,
          despite the U.S. Supreme Court's holding in AT&T
          Mobility LLC v. Concepcion, 563 U.S. 333, 352 (2011),
          "the law of California would find the class action
          waiver unenforceable."  The U.S. Supreme Court, in a
          6-3 opinion, held that the Court of Appeal's
          interpretation is pre-empted by the Federal Arbitration

          Hon. Justice Stephen G. Breyer delivered the opinion
          of the Court, in which Chief Justice John G. Roberts
          and Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy, Samuel
          A. Alito, Jr., and Elena Kagan joined.  Hon. Justice
          Clarence Thomas filed a dissenting opinion.  Hon.
          Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg filed a dissenting opinion,
          in which Justice Sonia Sotomayor joined.

          Justice Thomas held that the FAA does not apply to
          proceedings in state courts.

          Justice Ginsburg held that the Supreme Court has again
          expanded the scope of the FAA, further degrading the
          rights of consumers and further insulating already
          powerful economic entities from liability for unlawful

          Decided: December 14, 2015

          Counsel for Petitioner DIRECTV, Inc.:

               Christopher Landau, Esq.
               KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP
               655 Fifteenth Street, N.W.
               Washington, DC  20005
               Telephone: (202) 879-5000
               E-mail: clandau@kirkland.com

                    - and -

               Melissa D. Ingalls, Esq.
               Robyn E. Bladow, Esq.
               Shaun Paisley, Esq.
               KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP
               333 S. Hope St.
               Los Angeles, CA 90071
               Telephone: (213) 680-8400

          Counsel for Respondents Amy Imburgia, et al.:

               Thomas C. Goldstein, Esq.
               GOLDSTEIN & RUSSELL, P.C.
               7475 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 850
               Bethesda, MD 20814
               Tel: (202) 362-0636
               E-mail: tg@goldsteinrussell.com

                    - and -

               Freda Edith Mermelstein
               18811 Huntington Street, Suite 240
               Huntington Beach, CA  92648
               Telephone: (714) 596-0137
               E-mail: Edie@FEMLawyers.com

                    - and -

               Paul D. Stevens, Esq.
               MILSTEIN ADELMAN, LLP
               2800 Donald Douglas Loop North
               Santa Monica, CA  90405
               Telephone: (310) 396-9600
               E-mail: pstevens@milsteinadelman.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Washington Legal Foundation:

               Cory L. Andrews, Esq.
               2009 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
               Washington, DC  20036
               Telephone: (202)-588-0302
               E-mail: candrews@wlf.org

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae DRI - The Voice of the Defense

               David M. Axelrad, Esq.
               Felix Shafir, Esq.
               John F. Querio, Esq.
               HORVITZ & LEVY LLP
               15760 Ventura Boulevard, 18th Floor
               Encino, CA  91436-3000
               Telephone: (818) 995-0800
               E-mail: daxelrad@horvitzlevy.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Arbitration and Contracts

               Francis J. Balint Jr., Esq.
               Telephone: (602) 274-1100
               2325 E. Camelback Rd., Suite 300
               Phoenix, AZ  85016
               E-mail: fbalint@BFFB.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Law Professors:

               Kristen Marquis Fritz, Esq.
               555 Front Street, Unit 905
               San Diego, CA  92101
               Telephone: (619) 924-0202
               E-mail: kfritz@fritzlegal.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Atlantic Legal Foundation and
          the International Association of Defense Counsel:

               Martin S. Kaufman, Esq.
               2039 Palmer Avenue #104
               Larchmont, NY  10538
               Telephone: (914) 834-3322
               E-mail: mskaufman@atlanticlegal.org

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Pacific Legal Foundation:

               Deborah J. La Fetra, Esq.
               930 G Street
               Sacramento, CA  95814
               Telephone: (916) 419-7111
               E-mail: dlafetra@pacificlegal.org

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Professor Peter Linzer:

               Peter Linzer
               100 Law Center
               Houston, TX  77204-6060
               Telephone: (713) 876-5166
               E-mail: PLinzer@UH.EDU

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae California Law Professors:

               Holly McGregor Mosier, Esq.
               Telephone: (877) 480-9142
               2860 Michelle Drive Suite 220
               Irvine, CA  92606
               E-mail: HMosier@THESANDERSFIRM.COM

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Public Citizen, Inc.:

               Scott L. Nelson
               Telephone: (202) 588-1000
               1600 20th Street, N.W.
               Washington, DC  20009
               E-mail: snelson@citizen.org

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Chamber of Commerce of the
          United States of America, et al.:

               Andrew J. Pincus, Esq.
               MAYER BROWN LLP
               Telephone: (202) 263-3127
               1999 K Street, NW
               Washington, DC  20006-1101
               E-mail: apincus@mayerbrown.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae New England Legal Foundation:

               Benjamin G. Robbins
               Telephone: (617) 695-3660
               150 Lincoln Street
               Boston, MA  02111-2504
               E-mail: benrobbins@nelfonline.org

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Law Professors:

               Imre S Szalai
               Telephone: (504) 861-5589
               7214 St. Charles Avenue, Box 901
               New Orleans, LA  70118
               E-mail: iszalai@loyno.edu

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Michael Vachon:

               Michael Raymond Vachon, Esq.
               Telephone: (858)-674-4100
               17150 Via del Campo, Suite 204
               San Diego, CA  92127
               E-mail: michael@vachonlaw.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Equal Employment Advisory

               Rae T. Vann, Esq.
               NTs LLP
               Telephone: (202) 629-5600
               1501 M Street, N.W., Suite 400
               Washington, DC  20005
               E-mail: rvann@ntlakis.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae William R. Weinstein:

               William R. Weinstein, Esq.
               Telephone: (914) 997-2205
               199 Main Street, 4th Floor
               White Plains, NY  10601
               E-mail: wrw@wweinsteinlaw.com

Oneok, Inc., et al. Petitioners v. Learjet, Inc., et al. No.
13-271 (U.S.)

          A group of manufacturers, hospitals, and other
          institutions that buy natural gas directly from
          interstate pipelines sued the pipelines, claiming that
          they engaged in behavior that violated state antitrust
          laws.  The pipelines' behavior affected both federally
          regulated wholesale natural-gas prices and nonfederally
          regulated retail natural-gas prices.  The U.S. Supreme
          Court held that the federal Natural Gas Act does not
          pre-empt those state-law antitrust suits.

          Hon. Justice Stephen G. Breyer delivered the opinion of
          the Court.

          Decided: April 21, 2015

          Counsel for Petitioners ONEOK, Inc., et al.:

               Neal Kumar Katyal, Esq.
               Robert B. Wolinsky, Esq.
               Dominic F. Perella, Esq.
               Frederick Liu, Esq.
               Sean Marotta, Esq.
               HOGAN LOVELLS US LLP
               555 Thirteenth Street, N.W.
               Washington, DC  20004
               Telephone: (202) 637-5600
               E-mail: neal.katyal@hoganlovells.com

          Counsel for Respondents Learjet, Inc., et al., Heartland
          Regional Medical Center, et al., Breckenridge Brewery of
          Colorado, LLC, et al., and Reorganized FLI, Inc.:

               Jennifer Gille Bacon, Esq.
               William E. Quirk, Esq.
               Gregory M. Bentz, Esq.
               Anthony Bonuchi, Esq.
               Andrew J. Ennis, Esq.
               POLSINELLI PC
               900 W. 48th Place, Suite 900
               Kansas City, MO 64112
               Telephone: (816) 753-1000
               E-mail: jbacon@polsinelli.com

                    - and -

               Donald D. Barry, Esq.
               BARRY LAW OFFICES, LLC
               5340 S.W. 17th Street
               P.O. Box 4816
               Topeka, KS 66604
               Telephone: (785) 273-3151

          Counsel for Respondents Learjet, Inc., et al., and
          Reorganized FLI, Inc.:

               Eric I. Unrein, Esq.
               FRIEDEN, UNREIN & FORBES, L.L.P.
               555 S. Kansas Avenue, Suite 303
               Topeka, KS 66603
               Telephone: (785) 354-1100
               E-mail: eunrein@fuflaw.com

                    - and -

               Gary D. McCallister, Esq.
               120 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 2800
               Chicago, IL 60602
               Telephone: (312) 345-0611

          Counsel for Learjet, Inc., et al.:

               Jeffrey L. Fisher, Esq.
               STANFORD LAW SCHOOL
               Supreme Court Litigation Clinic
               559 Nathan Abbott Way
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               E-mail: jlfisher@law.stanford.edu

          Counsel for Respondent Reorganized FLI, Inc.:

               Isaac L. Diel, Esq.
               SHARP MCQUEEN, P.A.
               6900 College Blvd., Suite 285
               Overland Park, KS 66207
               Telephone: (913) 661-9931

                    - and -

               Thomas J. H. Brill, Esq.
               8012 State Line Road, Suite 102
               Leawood, KS 66208-3712
               Telephone: (913) 677-2004

          Counsel for Respondent Sinclair Oil Corporation:

               Melvin Goldstein, Esq.
               Matthew A. Corcoran, Esq.
               1757 P Street, NW
               Washington, DC

                    - and -

               Philip M. Ballif, Esq.
               DURHAM JONES & PINEGAR
               111 East Broadway, Suite 900
               Salt Lake City, UT 84111
               Telephone: (801) 415-3000
               E-mail: pballif@djplaw.com

          Counsel for the Dynegy entities:

               Douglas R. Tribble, Esq.
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               Telephone: (619) 544-3379
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                    - and -

               Kevin M. Fong, Esq.
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               Michael J. Kass, Esq.
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          Counsel for Shell Energy North America (U.S.), L.P.:

               Joshua D. Lichtman, Esq.
               555 South Flower Street
               Forty-First Floor
               Los Angeles, CA 90071
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               Facsimile: (213) 892 9494
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          Counsel for the CMS entities:

               Mark E. Haddad, Esq.
               Michelle B. Goodman, Esq.
               Nitin Reddy, Esq.
               SIDLEY AUSTIN LLP
               555 West Fifth Street
               Los Angeles, CA 90013
               Telephone: (213) 896 6604
               E-mail: mhaddad@sidley.com

          Counsel for GenOn Energy, Inc.:

               Aaron M. Streett, Esq.
               BAKER BOTTS LLP
               One Shell Plaza
               910 Louisiana Street
               Houston, TX 77002-4995
               Telephone: (713) 229-1234
               Facsimile: (713) 229-1522
               E-mail: aaron.streett@bakerbotts.com

          Counsel for ONEOK entities:

               Oliver S. Howard, Esq.
               Amelia A. Fogleman, Esq.
               Craig A. Fitzgerald, Esq.
               GABLE GOTWALS
               1100 ONEOK Plaza, 100 W. 5th Street
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          Counsel for El Paso LLC:

               Brent A. Benoit, Esq.
               Stacy Williams, Esq.
               LOCKE LORD LLP
               600 Travis St # 2800
               Houston, TX 77002
               Telephone: (713) 226-1570

          Counsel for Williams and WPX entities:

               Sarah Jane Gillett, Esq.
               GOLDEN, & NELSON, P.C.
               320 S Boston Ave # 400
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          Counsel for e prime, Inc.:

               Michael John Miguel, Esq.
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          Counsel for the AEP entities:

               Steven J. Routh, Esq.
               Columbia Center
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               Washington, D.C. 20005-1706
               Telephone: (202) 339-8509
               E-mail: srouth@orrick.com

          Counsel for Duke Energy Trading and Marketing, L.L.C.:

               Joel B. Kleinman, Esq.
               Adam Proujansky, Esq.
               Lisa M. Kaas, Esq.
               1825 Eye St NW
               Washington, DC 20006
               Telephone: (202) 420-2221
               E-mail:  kleinmanj@dicksteinshapiro.com

          Counsel for Wisconsin Respondents -- Arandell
          Corporation, ATI Ladish LLC, Briggs & Stratton
          Corporation, Carthage College, Merrick's, Inc., NewPage
          Wisconsin System Inc., and Sargento Foods, Inc.:

               Robert L. Gegios, Esq.
               Ryan M. Billings, Esq.
               Stephen D.R. Taylor, Esq.
               Melinda A. Bialzik, Esq.
               Amy Irene Washburn, Esq.
               KOHNER, MANN & KAILAS, S.C.
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          Counsel for American Antitrust Institute:

               Richard M. Brunell, Esq.
               Director of Legal Advocacy
               1730 Rhode Island Avenue NW
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               E-mail: rbrunell@antitrustinstitute.org

          Counsel for Washington Legal Foundation:

               Cory L. Andrews, Esq.
               Washington Legal Foundation
               2009 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
               Washington, DC  20036
               Telephone: (202)-588-0302
               E-mail: candrews@wlf.org

          Counsel for Electric Power Supply Association, et al.:

               Thomas C. Goldstein, Esq.
               GOLDSTEIN & RUSSELL, P.C.
               7475 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 850
               Bethesda, MD  20814
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          Counsel for Noble Americas Energy Solutions, et al.:
               Sean D. Jordan, Esq.
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               600 Congress Ave., Suite 2000
               Austin, TX 78701
               Telephone: (512) 721-2679
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          Counsel for Gas Processors Association:

               Paul Korman, Esq.
               VAN NESS FELDMAN LLP
               1050 Thomas Jefferson St., NW, Suite 700
               Washington, DC  20007
               Telephone: (202) 298-1800
               E-mail: pik@vnf.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Kansas, et al.:

               Stephen R. McAllister, Esq.
               Solicitor General
               Office of Attorney General
               120 S.W. 10th Ave., 2nd Floor
               Topeka, KS  66612
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          Counsel for American Gas Association:

               Michael L. Murray
               American Gas Association
               Telephone: (202) 824-7070
               400 N. Capitol St., NW, Suite 450
               Washington, DC  20001
               E-mail: mmurray@aga.org

          Counsel for Interstate Natural Gas Association
          of America, et al.:

               Kevin K. Russell, Esq.
               GOLDSTEIN & RUSSELL, P.C.
               7475 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 850
               Bethesda, MD  20814
               Telephone: (202) 362-0636
               E-mail: kr@goldsteinrussell.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae United States:

               Donald B. Verrilli Jr., Esq.
               Solicitor General
               United States Department of Justice
               950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
               Washington, DC  20530-0001
               Telephone: (202) 514-2217
               E-mail: SupremeCtBriefs@USDOJ.gov

                    - and -

               Anthony Alan Yang, Esq.
               Office of the Solicitor General
               Telephone: (202)-514-4821
               950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Room 5615
               Washington, DC 20530-0001

Motorola Mobility LLC, petitioner, v. AU Optronics Corporation,
et al., No. 14-1122 (U.S.)

          The U.S. Supreme Court denied the petition for writ of
          certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh
          Circuit, thus declining to shed light on the antitrust
          law under the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvement Act
          (FTAIA).  In the lawsuit, Motorola accused several
          manufacturers of conspiring to fix the prices of the
          liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels it purchased for
          assembly into finished mobile phones.  The trial court
          -- and later, the Seventh Circuit -- held that all of
          Motorola's claims were barred by the FTAIA.

          Issued: June 15, 2015

          Counsel for Petitioner Motorola Mobility:

               Thomas C. Goldstein, Esq.
               Kevin K. Russell, Esq.
               GOLDSTEIN & RUSSELL, P.C.
               7475 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 850
               Bethesda MD, 20814
               Telephone: (202) 362-0636
               E-mail: tg@goldsteinrussell.com

                    - and -

               Kenneth L. Adams, Esq.
               R. Bruce Holcomb, Esq.
               Christopher T. Leonardo, Esq.
               ADAMS HOLCOMB LLP
               1875 Eye St. NW
               Washington, DC 20006
               Telephone: (202) 580-8822
               Facsimile: (202) 580-8821
               E-mail: adams@adamsholcomb.com

                    - and -

               Jerome A. Murphy, Esq.
               Matthew J. McBurney, Esq.
               CROWELL & MORING LLP
               1001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
               Washington, DC 20004
               Telephone: (202) 624-2985
               E-mail: jmurphy@crowell.com

                    - and -

               Janet I. Levine, Esq.
               Jason C. Murray, Esq.
               Joshua C. Stokes, Esq.
               CROWELL & MORING LLP
               515 South Flower St., 40th Floor
               Los Angeles, CA 90071
               Telephone: (213) 443-5583
               E-mail: jlevine@crowell.com

          Counsel for the Samsung Respondents:

               Robert D. Wick, Esq.
               Jeffrey M. Davidson, Esq.
               David M. Zionts, Esq.
               John S. Playforth, Esq.
               COVINGTON & BURLING LLP
               One CityCenter
               850 Tenth Street, NW
               Washington, DC 20001
               Telephone: (202) 662-6000
               E-mail: rwick@cov.com

          Counsel for Respondents Sharp Corporation and Sharp
          Electronics Corporation:

               Kenneth A. Gallo, Esq.
               Joseph J. Simons, Esq.
               Craig A. Benson, Esq.
               2001 K Street, NW
               Washington, DC 20006
               Telephone: (202) 223-7300
               E-mail: kgallo@paulweiss.com

          Counsel for Respondent HannStar Display Corporation:

               Harrison J. Frahn IV, Esq.
               James G. Kreissman, Esq.
               Jason M. Bussey, Esq.
               Elizabeth A. Gillen, Esq.
               Melissa D. Schmidt, Esq.
               2475 Hanover Street
               Palo Alto, CA 94034
               Telephone: (650) 251-5000
               E-mail: hfrahn@stblaw.com

          Counsel for Respondent Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd:

               David Brownstein, Esq.
               William Farmer, Esq.
               Jacob Alpren, Esq.
               235 Montgomery St., Suite 835
               San Francisco, CA 94104
               Telephone: (415) 962-2873
               E-mail: dbrownstein@fbj-law.com

                    - and -

               Joel S. Sanders, Esq.
               Rachel S. Brass, Esq.
               GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP
               555 Mission Street, Suite 3000
               San Francisco, CA 94105
               Telephone: (415) 393-8200
               E-mail: jsanders@gibsondunn.com

          Counsel for Respondents LG Display Co., Ltd. and
          LG Display America, Inc.:

               Nathan P. Eimer, Esq.
               Scott C. Solberg, Esq.
               Sarah Elizabeth Hargadon, Esq.
               EIMER STAHL LLP
               224 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 1100
               Chicago, IL 60604
               Telephone: (312) 660-7600
               E-mail: neimer@eimerstahl.com

          Counsel for Respondent Sanyo Consumer Electronics
          Co., Ltd.:

               Allison A. Davis, Esq.
               Nick S. Verwolf, Esq.
               Sanjay Nangia, Esq.
               505 Montgomery Street, Suite 800
               San Francisco, CA 94111
               Telephone: (415) 276-6500
               E-mail: allisondavis@dwt.com

          Counsel for Respondents Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. and
          Samsung SDI America, Inc.:

               James L. McGinnis, Esq.
               Gary L. Halling, Esq.
               Michael W. Scarborough, Esq.
               Dylan I. Ballard, Esq.
               4 Embarcadero Center, 17th Floor
               San Francisco, CA 94111
               Telephone: (415) 434-9100
               E-mail: jmcginnis@sheppardmullin.com

          Counsel for Respondents Toshiba Corporation; Toshiba
          America Electronic Components, Inc.; and Toshiba Mobile
          Display Co., Ltd.:

               Christopher M. Curran, Esq.
               Martin M. Toto, Esq.
               John H. Chung, Esq.
               Kristen J. McAhren, Esq.
               WHITE & CASE LLP
               701 Thirteenth Street, NW
               Washington, DC 20005
               Telephone: (202) 626-3706
               E-mail: ccurran@whitecase.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae The American Antitrust

               RICHARD M. BRUNELL, Esq.
               RANDY M. STUTZ, Esq.
               1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Suite 1100
               Washington, DC 20036
               Telephone: (202) 600-9640
               E-mail: rbrunell@antitrustinstitute.org

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae The National Association
          of Manufacturers:

               Linda E. Kelly, Esq.
               Quentin Riegel, Esq.
               733 10th Street, N.W.
               Washington, D.C. 20001
               Telephone: (202) 637-3000

                    - and -

               Erik S. Jaffe, Esq.
               ERIK S. JAFFE, P.C.
               5101 34th Street, N.W.
               Washington, D.C. 20008
               Telephone: (202) 237-8165
               E-mail: jaffe@esjpc.com

          Counsel for Amicus Curiae Economists and Professors:

               Delmer R. Mitchell, Esq.
               525 Jersey St.
               Quincy, IL 62301
               Telephone: (217)  223-3030
               E-mail: dmitchell@srnm.com

In re Dole Food Co., Inc. Stockholder Litigation, C.A. No.
8703-VCL, (Del. Ch.)

          The Delaware Court of Chancery held that Dole Food
          Chief Executive Officer, David Murdock, and General
          Counsel, C. Michael Carter, undermined shareholders and
          misled the board of directors in their handling of
          Dole's privatized buyout, which closed in November 2013
          in an all-cash deal valued at $1.2 billion.  He ordered
          Messrs. Murdock and Carter to pay shareholders more than
          $148 million in damages.

          Hon. Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster wrote the

          Decided: August 27, 2015

          Class Counsel for Plaintiffs in In re Dole Food Co.,
          Inc. Stockholder Litigation:

               Stuart M. Grant, Esq.
               Nathan A. Cook, Esq.
               Kimberly A. Evans, Esq.
               Michael Manuel, Esq.
               GRANT & EISENHOFER, P.A.
               123 Justison Street
               Wilmington, DE 19801
               Telephone: (302) 622-7070
               E-mail: sgrant@gelaw.com

                    - and -

               Randall J. Baron, Esq.
               A. Rick Atwood, Jr., Esq.
               David T. Wissbroecker, Esq.
               Edward M. Gergosian, Esq.
               Maxwell R. Huffman, Esq.
               655 West Broadway, Suite 1900
               San Diego, CA 92101
               Telephone: (619) 231-1058
               Facsimile: (619) 231-7423
               E-mail: randyb@rgrdlaw.com

                    - and -

               Marc A. Topaz, Esq.
               Lee D. Rudy, Esq.
               Michael C. Wagner, Esq.
               Justin O. Reliford, Esq.
               280 King of Prussia Road
               Radnor, PA 19087
               Telephone: (610) 667-7706
               Facsimile: (610) 667-7056
               E-mail: mtopaz@ktmc.com

          Counsel for Petitioners Hudson Bay Master Fund Ltd.,
          Hudson Bay Merger Arbitrage Opportunities Master Fund
          Ltd., and Ripe Holdings LLC in In re Appraisal of Dole
          Food Company, Inc.:

               Stuart M. Grant, Esq.
               Geoffrey C. Jarvis, Esq.
               Nathan A. Cook, Esq.
               Kimberly A. Evans, Esq.
               GRANT & EISENHOFER, P.A.
               123 Justison Street
               Wilmington, DE 19801
               Telephone: (302) 622-7070
               E-mail: sgrant@gelaw.com

          Counsel for Petitioners Merion Capital LP, Merion
          Capital II, LP, Magnetar Capital Master Fund Ltd.,
          Spectrum Opportunities Master Fund Ltd., Magnetar Global
          Event Driven Master Fund Ltd., and Blackwell Partners
          LLC in In re Appraisal of Dole Food Company, Inc.:

               Kevin G. Abrams, Esq.
               J. Peter Shindel, Jr., Esq.
               Daniel R. Ciarrocki, Esq.
               Matthew L. Miller, Esq.
               ABRAMS & BAYLISS LLP
               20 Montchanin Road, Suite 200
               Wilmington, DE 19807
               Telephone: (302) 778-1002
               Facsimile: (302) 261-0295
               E-mail: Abrams@AbramsBayliss.com

          Counsel for Defendants David H. Murdock and DFC
          Holdings, LLC:

               J. Clayton Athey, Esq.
               PRICKETT, JONES & ELLIOTT, P.A.
               Wilmington, Delaware;
               1310 King Street, Box 1328
               Wilmington, DE 19899
               Telephone: (302) 888-6507
               Facsimile: (302) 477-7038
               E-mail: jcathey@prickett.com

                    - and -

               Peter M. Stone, Esq.
               Edward Han, Esq.
               PAUL HASTINGS LLP
               1117 S. California Avenue
               Palo Alto, CA 94304
               Telephone: (650) 320-1843
               Facsimile: (650) 320-1943
               E-mail: peterstone@paulhastings.com

          Counsel for Defendants C. Michael Carter and David A.
          DeLorenzo and Respondent Dole Food Company, Inc.:

               Bruce Silverstein, Esq.
               Elena C. Norman, Esq.
               Rodney Square
               1000 North King Street
               Wilmington, DE 19801
               Telephone: (302) 571-6659
               Facsimile: (302) 576-3335
               E-mail: bsilverstein@ycst.com

                    - and -

               Andrea E. Neuman, Esq.
               Colin B. Davis, Esq.
               GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP
               200 Park Avenue
               New York, NY 10166-0193
               Telephone: (212) 351-3883
               Facsimile: (212) 351-5303
               E-mail: aneuman@gibsondunn.com

                    - and -

               William B. Dawson, Esq.
               GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP
               2100 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1100
               Dallas, TX 75201-6912
               Telephone: (214) 698-3132
               Facsimile: (214) 571-2919
               E-mail: wdawson@gibsondunn.com

          Counsel for Defendants Deutsche Bank AG, New York Branch
          and Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.:

               Stephen C. Norman, Esq.
               Matthew F. Davis, Esq.
               Hercules Plaza
               1313 North Market Street, 6th Floor
               P.O. Box 951
               Wilmington, DE 19801
               Telephone: (302) 984-6038
               Facsimile: (302) 778-6038
               E-mail: snorman@potteranderson.com

                    - and -

               David B. Hennes, Esq.
               Stephen M. Juris, Esq.
               Joshua D. Roth, Esq.
               Jesse Ryan Loffler, Esq.
               Andrew B. Cashmore, Esq.
               One New York Plaza
               New York, NY 10004
               Telephone: (212) 859-8000
               Facsimile: (212) 859-4000
               E-mail: stephen.juris@friedfrank.com

Manuel Acosta, on Behalf of Himself and All Other Similarly
Situated Individuals; Luis Montoya, On Behalf Of Himself And All
Other Similarly Situated Individuals; Martin Hinojosa, On Behalf
Of Himself And All Other Similarly Situated Individuals,
Plaintiffs-Appellees, v. Tyson Foods, Inc., doing business as
Tyson Fresh Meats, Defendant-Appellant, No. 14-1582 (8th Cir.)

     - and -

Jose A. Gomez; Juliana Reyes; Juan M. Cruz; Ted McDonald; Cecilia
Ortiz; Mario Cruz, on behalf of themselves and all other similarly
situated individuals, Plaintiffs-Appellees, v. Tyson Foods, Inc.,
Defendant-Appellant, No. 13-3500 (8th Cir.)

          The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
          reversed on the same day two multi-million dollar
          judgments in wage-and-hour lawsuits against Tyson Foods.
          The Eighth Circuit overturned a judgment of more than
          $18.7 million in Acosta; and roughly $4.9 million in
          Gomez.  Acosta et al. sued Tyson Foods on behalf of a
          class of employees at Tyson's pork processing plant in
          Madison, Nebraska. Gomez et al. sued on behalf of
          employees at Tyson's beef processing facility in Dakota
          City, Nebraska.  The Eighth Circuit held that a claim
          by the employees that they were entitled to additional
          compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act cannot
          be raised through an action under the Nebraska
          Collection Act; and that the employees' claims under
          the Collection Act fail as a matter of law.

          Hon. Steven Colloton wrote the decision.

          Filed: August 26, 2015

          Counsel to Plaintiff - Appellees Manuel Acosta, on
          Behalf of Himself and All Other Similarly Situated
          Individuals; Luis Montoya, On Behalf Of Himself And All
          Other Similarly Situated Individuals; Martin Hinojosa,
          On Behalf Of Himself And All Other Similarly Situated
          Individuals; Jose A. Gomez; Juliana Reyes; Juan M. Cruz;
          Ted McDonald; Cecilia Ortiz; and Mario Cruz, on behalf
          of themselves and all other similarly situated

               Daniel Arciniegas, Esq.
               Robert L. Wiggins, Jr., Esq.
               Candis A. McGowan, Esq.
               WIGGINS & CHILDS
               The Kress Building
               301 19th Street, N.
               Birmingham, AL 35203-0000
               Telephone: (205) 314-0500
               E-mail: dea@wigginschilds.com

                    - and -

               Roger K. Doolittle, Esq.
               DOOLITTLE LAW FIRM
               460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 500
               Jackson, MS 39206
               Telephone: (601) 957-9777

                    - and -

               Michael Hamilton, Esq.
               PROVOST & UMPHREY
               2021 Richard Jones Road, Suite 300
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               Telephone: (615) 242-0199

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               Brian P. McCafferty, Esq.
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               Jay Madison Smith, Esq.
               SMITH & MCELWAIN
               505 Fifth Street
               P.O. Box 1194
               Sioux City, IA 51102-0000
               Telephone: (712) 255-8094

          Counsel to Defendant - Appellant Tyson Foods, Inc.,
          doing business as Tyson Fresh Meats:

               Allison Balus, Esq.
               Steven D. Davidson, Esq.
               Thomas Edwin Johnson, Esq.
               BAIRD & HOLM
               1700 Farnam Street
               1500 Woodmen Tower
               Omaha, NE 68102-0000
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                          (402) 636-8254
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               Michael J. Mueller, Esq.
               Evangeline C. Paschal, Esq.
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               Washington, DC 20037
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               Emily Burkhardt Vicente, Esq.
               HUNTON & WILLIAMS
               550 S. Hope Street, Suite 2000
               Los Angeles, CA 90071
               Telephone: (213) 532-2000
                          (213) 532-2153
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               Thomas Walsh, Esq.
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