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              Friday, April 2, 2021, Vol. 23, No. 61


[^] Notable Class Action Settlements in 2020

                        Asbestos Litigation


[^] Notable Class Action Settlements in 2020

  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $9,600,000,000      In re Roundup Products Liability Litigation
                      (MDL No. 2741), Case No. 3:16-md-02741
                      (N.D. Cal.)

                      Consumers from across the United States who
                      were exposed to The Monsanto Company's
                      Roundup(TM) (glyphosate) weed killer sued
                      the company over medical bills and lost
                      wages due to a cancer diagnosis. Roundup
                      has been designated as a probable human
                      carcinogen by the International Agency for
                      Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the
                      World Health Organization (WHO), and those
                      exposed are at risk of developing non-
                      Hodgkin lymphoma and other forms of cancer.
                      In September 2016, Monsanto agreed to be
                      acquired by Bayer AG for $66 billion.  In
                      June 2020, Bayer publicly announced the
                      settlement with five of the leading law
                      firms in the Roundup cancer litigation. The
                      agreements were reached after more than a
                      year of negotiations and three consecutive
                      trial losses for Bayer that resulted in a
                      combined $2.424 billion in jury verdicts
                      for the plaintiffs. The settlement includes
                      funding for medical and scientific research
                      into the diagnosis and treatment of NHL.
                      Bayer has agreed to separately pay up to
                      $2 billion to resolve future claims.

                      Announced June 24, 2020.

                      Judge: The Honorable Vince Chhabria

                      Counsel for Plaintiffs and the Settlement

                         Robert L. Lieff, Esq.
                         Elizabeth J. Cabraser, Esq.
                         Kevin R. Budner, Esq.
                         LIEFF CABRASER HEIMANN & BERNSTEIN, LLP
                         275 Battery Street, 29th Floor
                         San Francisco, CA 94111-3339
                         Tel: (415) 956-1000
                         Fax: (415) 956-1008
                         E-mail: rlieff@lchb.com

                              - and -

                         Steven E. Fineman, Esq.
                         Wendy R. Fleishman, Esq.
                         Rhea Ghosh, Esq.
                         LIEFF CABRASER HEIMANN & BERNSTEIN, LLP
                         250 Hudson Street, 8th Floor
                         New York, NY 10013
                         Tel: (212) 355-9500
                         E-mail: sfineman@lchb.com

                              - and -

                         Andrew R. Kaufman, Esq.
                         LIEFF CABRASER HEIMANN & BERNSTEIN, LLP
                         222 2nd Avenue South, Suite 1640
                         Nashville, TN 37201
                         Tel: (615) 313-9000
                         E-mail: akaufman@lchb.com

                      Counsel for Subclass 1:

                         William M. Audet, Esq.
                         Ling Y. Kuang, Esq.
                         AUDET & PARTNERS, LLP
                         711 Van Ness, Suite 500
                         San Francisco, CA 94102-3229
                         Tel: (415) 568-2555
                         E-mail: waudet@audetlaw.com

                              - and -

                         Samuel Issacharoff, Esq.
                         40 Washington Square South, Suite 411J
                         New York, NY 10012
                         Tel: (212) 998-6580
                         E-mail: si13@nyu.edu

                      Counsel for Subclass 2:

                         James R. Dugan, II, Esq.
                         TerriAnne Benedetto, Esq.
                         David S. Scalia, Esq.
                         THE DUGAN LAW FIRM, APLC
                         One Canal Place
                         365 Canal Street, Suite 1000
                         New Orleans, LA 70130
                         Tel: (504) 648-0180
                         E-mail: jdugan@dugan-lawfirm.com

                              - and -

                         Elizabeth A. Fegan, Esq.
                         FEGAN SCOTT LLC
                         150 S. Wacker Dr., 24th Floor
                         Chicago, IL 60606
                         Tel: (312) 741-1019
                         E-mail: beth@feganscott.com

                              - and -

                         Melissa Ryan Clark, Esq.
                         FEGAN SCOTT LLC
                         140 Broadway, 46th Floor
                         New York, NY 10005
                         Tel: (347) 353-1150
                         E-mail: Melissa@feganscott.com

                      Counsel for Defendant Monsanto Company:

                         William Hoffman, Esq.
                         David Weiner, Esq.
                         Ashley Burkett, Esq.
                         ARNOLD & PORTER KAYE SCHOLER LLP
                         601 Massachusetts Ave., NW
                         Washington, DC 20001
                         Tel: (202) 942-5000
                         E-mail: william.hoffman@arnoldporter.com

                      Claims Administrator:

                         VERUS, LLC
                         3967 Princeton Pike
                         Princeton, NJ 08540
                         Tel: (888) 681-1129
                         Fax: (609) 466-1449

  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $1,210,000,000      In re Valeant Pharmaceuticals
                      International, Inc. Securities Litigation,
                      Master No. 3:15-cv-07658-MAS-LHG (D.N.J.)

                      Investors allege that defendants made
                      materially false and misleading statements
                      or omitted material facts, artificially
                      inflating the price of Valeant's
                      securities.  Specifically, defendants
                      failed to disclose that Valeant had
                      deficient internal controls; Valeant had a
                      relationship with a network of specialty
                      pharmacies used to boost sales of its high-
                      priced drugs; the use of specialty
                      pharmacies left Valeant vulnerable to
                      increased regulatory risks; defendants were
                      under government scrutiny for its financial
                      assistance programs for patients, pricing
                      decisions and the distribution of its
                      products; Valeant faced the risk of
                      scrutiny over its price increases; without
                      using specialty pharmacies, Valeant's
                      financial performance would be negatively
                      impacted; without using specialty
                      pharmacies, Valeant's class period
                      performance would have been negatively
                      impacted; Valeant's true relationship with
                      Philidor and the extent of that
                      relationship; Valeant controlled Philidor;
                      Valeant's subsidiary KGA had a secured lien
                      interest on Philidor's ownership;
                      Defendants were engaged in a scheme to
                      manipulate Valeant's stock price; and as a
                      result, Valeant's public statements were
                      materially false and misleading and/or
                      lacked a reasonable basis at all relevant
                      times. When the true details entered the
                      market, the investors suffered damages.  An
                      amended complaint alleges that certain
                      defendants sold Valeant securities while in
                      possession of material, nonpublic
                      information.  The parties vigorously
                      litigated this case for four years before
                      agreeing to mediation. Defendant
                      PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP is not a party
                      to the settlement.

                      Announced December 15, 2019.

                      Final Approval entered January 31, 2021.

                      Judge: Honorable Michael A. Shipp

                      Special Master: Honorable Dennis M.
                         Cavanaugh, U.S.D.J. (ret.)

                      Lead Counsel for Plaintiffs:

                         Darren J. Robbins, Esq.
                         Theodore J. Pintar, Esq.
                         Robert R. Henssler Jr., Esq.
                         ROBBINS GELLER RUDMAN & DOWD LLP
                         655 West Broadway, Suite 1900
                         San Diego, CA 92101
                         Tel: (619) 231-1058
                         Fax: (619) 231-7423
                         E-mail: darrenr@rgrdlaw.com

                              - and -

                         James E. Barz, Esq.
                         Frank A. Richter, Esq.
                         ROBBINS GELLER RUDMAN & DOWD LLP
                         200 South Wacker Drive, 31st Floor
                         Chicago, IL 60606
                         Tel: (312) 674-4674
                         Fax: (312) 674-4676
                         E-mail: jbarz@rgrdlaw.com

                              - and -

                         Robert J. Robbins, Esq.
                         Kathleen B. Douglas, Esq.
                         ROBBINS GELLER RUDMAN & DOWD LLP
                         120 East Palmetto Park Road, Suite 500
                         Boca Raton, FL 33432
                         Tel: (561) 750-3000
                         Fax: (561) 750-3364
                         E-mail: rrobbins@rgrdlaw.com

                      Local Counsel for Plaintiffs:

                         Christopher A. Seeger, Esq.
                         David R. Buchanan, Esq.
                         SEEGER WEISS LLP
                         55 Challenger Road, 6th Floor
                         Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
                         Tel: (212) 584-0700
                         Fax: (212) 584-0799
                         E-mail: cseeger@seegerweiss.com

                      Counsel for Defendants Valeant
                      Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., Robert
                      L. Rosiello, Ari S. Kellen, Robert A.
                      Ingram, Ronald H. Farmer, Colleen Goggins,
                      Anders Lonner, Theo Melas-Kyriazi, Robert
                      N. Power, Norma Provencio, Katharine B.
                      Stevenson, and Tanya Carro:

                         Paul C. Curnin, Esq.
                         Craig S. Waldman, Esq.
                         SIMPSON THACHER & BARTLETT LLP
                         425 Lexington Avenue
                         New York, NY 10017
                         Tel: (212) 455-2000
                         Fax: (212) 455-2502
                         E-mail: paul.curnin@stblaw.com

                              - and -

                         Richard Hernandez, Esq.
                         McCARTER & ENGLISH LLP
                         100 Mulberry Street
                         Newark, NJ 07102
                         Tel: (973) 848-8615
                         Fax: (973) 297-6615
                         E-mail: rhernandez@mccarter.com

                      Counsel for the Stock Underwriter Defendants
                      Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.; HSBC
                      Securities (USA) Inc.; MUFG Securities
                      Americas Inc. f/k/a Mitsubishi UFJ
                      Securities (USA) Inc.; DNB Markets, Inc.;
                      Barclays Capital Inc.; Morgan Stanley & Co.
                      LLC; RBC Capital Markets, LLC; and Suntrust
                      Robinson Humphrey, Inc.; and Former
                      Defendants Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC f/k/a
                      Goldman Sachs & Co.; J.P. Morgan Securities
                      LLC; Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith
                      Inc.; CIBC World Markets Inc.; Citigroup
                      Global Markets Inc.; DBS Bank Ltd.; TD
                      Securities (USA) LLC; BMO Capital Markets
                      Corp.; and SMBC Nikko Securities America:

                         Richard A. Rosen, Esq.
                         PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND, WHARTON &
                            GARRISON LLP
                         1285 Avenue of the Americas
                         New York, NY 10019
                         Tel: (212) 373-3000
                         Fax: (212) 757-3990
                         E-mail: rrosen@paulweiss.com

                              - and -

                         Mark A. Berman, Esq.
                         Robin D. Fineman, Esq.
                         HARTMANN DOHERTY ROSA BERMAN &
                            BULBULIA, LLC
                         65 Route 4 East
                         River Edge, NJ 07661
                         Tel: (201) 441-9056
                         Fax: (201) 441-9435
                         E-mail: mberman@hdrbb.com

                      Counsel for Defendants ValueAct Capital; VA
                      Partners; ValueAct Holdings; ValueAct
                      Capital Master Fund; and ValueAct Co-Invest
                      Fund; and Defendant Jeffrey W. Ubben:

                         Jonathan Rosenberg, Esq.
                         O'MELVENY MYERS LLP
                         7 Times Square
                         New York, NY 10036
                         Tel: (212) 326-2000
                         Fax: (212) 326-2061
                         Email: jrosenberg@omm.com

                              - and -

                         Kate E. Janukowicz, Esq.
                         GIBBONS P.C.
                         One Gateway Center
                         Newark, NJ 07102
                         Tel: (973) 596-4913
                         E-mail: kjanukowicz@gibbonslaw.com

                      Counsel for Defendant J. Michael Pearson:

                         Bruce E. Yannett, Esq.
                         DEBEVOISE & PLIMPTON LLP
                         919 Third Avenue
                         New York, NY 10022
                         Tel: (212) 909-6000
                         Fax: (212) 909-6836
                         E-mail: beyannett@debevoise.com

                      Counsel for Defendant Tanya Carro:

                         William J. Schwartz, Esq.
                         Sarah Lightdale, Esq.
                         COOLEY LLP
                         55 Hudson Yards
                         New York, NY 10001
                         Tel: (212) 479-6000
                         Fax: (212) 479-6275
                         E-mail: wschwartz@cooley.com

                      Counsel for Defendant Deborah Jorn:

                         Barry A. Bohrer, Esq.
                         SCHULTE ROTH & ZABEL LLP
                         919 Third Avenue
                         New York, NY 10022
                         Tel: (212) 756-2000
                         Fax: (212) 593-5955
                         E-mail: barry.bohrer@srz.com

                      Counsel for Defendant Howard B. Schiller:

                         Joseph L. Motto, Esq.
                         WINSTON & STRAWN LLP
                         35 W. Wacker Drive
                         Chicago, IL 60601
                         Tel: (312) 558-5600
                         Fax: (312) 558-5700
                         E-mail: jmotto@winston.com

                      Mediator: Eric D. Green

                      Claims Administrator:

                         GILARDI & CO. LLC
                         3301 Kerner Boulevard
                         San Rafael, CA 94901

                      On the Net:


  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $763,000,000        In re Mercedes-Benz Emissions Litigation,
                      Civil Action: 16-cv-881(KM)(ESK) (D.N.J.)

                      Owners and lessees of certain Mercedes-Benz
                      and Sprinter BlueTEC vehicles sued Daimler
                      AG, and Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, and Robert
                      Bosch GmbH and Robert Bosch LLC, alleging
                      that the vehicles were equipped with
                      emission control systems that caused the
                      vehicles to emit more nitrogen oxides
                      ("NOx") than consumers reasonably expected,
                      and more NOx than was permitted under
                      federal and state clean air laws.
                      Plaintiffs also claim that the Defendants
                      intentionally misled consumers about the
                      qualities and characteristics of the
                      vehicles. Daimler and Mercedes agreed to
                      resolve the lawsuits for $700 million.
                      Bosch agreed to settle for more than
                      $63 million.

                      Mercedes Settlement announced September 14,

                      Bosch Settlement announced October 16,

                      Judge: The Honorable Kevin McNulty

                      Lead Counsel for the Settlement Class:

                         James E. Cecchi, Esq.
                         Caroline F. Bartlett, Esq.
                         Donald A. Ecklund, Esq.
                         CARELLA, BYRNE, CECCHI, OLSTEIN, BRODY,
                           & AGNELLO, P.C.
                         5 Becker Farm Rd.
                         Roseland, NJ 07068
                         Tel: (973) 994-1700
                         E-mail: jcecchi@carellabyrne.com

                              - and -

                         Steve W. Berman, Esq.
                         Sean R. Matt, Esq.
                         HAGENS BERMAN SOBOL SHAPIRO LLP
                         1301 2nd Ave., Suite 2000
                         Seattle, WA 98101
                         Tel: (206) 623-7292
                         Fax: (206) 623-0594
                         E-mail: steve@hbsslaw.com

                              - and -

                         Christopher A. Seeger, Esq.
                         Jennifer Scullion, Esq.
                         David Tawil, Esq.
                         SEEGER WEISS LLP
                         55 Challenger Road, 6th Floor
                         Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
                         Tel: (973) 639-9100
                         Fax: (973) 639-9393
                         E-mail: cseeger@seegerweiss.com  

                      Counsel for Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC and
                      Daimler AG:

                         Daniel W. Nelson, Esq.
                         Geoffrey M. Sigler, Esq.
                         Lucas C. Townsend, Esq.
                         Chantale Fiebig, Esq.
                         GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP
                         1050 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
                         Washington, DC 20036-5306
                         Tel: (202) 887-3731
                         Fax: (202) 530-4254
                         E-mail: dnelson@gibsondunn.com

                              - and -

                         Troy M. Yoshino, Esq.
                         Matthew J. Kemner, Esq.
                         Eric J. Knapp, Esq.
                         SQUIRE PATTON BOGGS (US) LLP
                         275 Battery Street, Suite 2600
                         San Francisco, CA 94111
                         Tel: (415) 743-2441
                         Fax: (415) 989-0932
                         E-mail: troy.yoshino@squirepb.com

                      Counsel for Robert Bosch GmbH and Robert
                      Bosch LLC:

                         Matthew D. Slater, Esq.
                         CLEARY GOTTLIEB STEEN & HAMILTON LLP
                         2112 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
                         Washington, D.C. 20037
                         Tel: (202) 974-1500
                         Fax: (202) 974-1999
                         E-mail: mslater@cgsh.com

                              - and -

                         Jeffrey A. Rosenthal, Esq.
                         Carmine D. Boccuzzi, Jr., Esq.
                         Jennifer Kennedy Park, Esq.
                         Abena Mainoo, Esq.
                         CLEARY GOTTLIEB STEEN & HAMILTON LLP
                         One Liberty Plaza
                         New York, NY 10006
                         Tel: (212) 225-2000
                         Fax: (212) 225-3999
                         E-mail: jrosenthal@cgsh.com

                      Claims Administrator:

                         JND LEGAL ADMINISTRATION
                         1100 Second Avenue, Suite 300
                         Seattle, WA 98101

                      On the Net:


  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $650,000,000        In re Facebook Biometric Information
                      Privacy Litigation, Case No. 15-cv-03747-
                      JD) (N.D. Cal.)

                      The lawsuit alleges that Facebook collected
                      biometric information in the form of face
                      prints, for the purpose of supporting its
                      "face tagging" feature, in violation of the
                      Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.
                      Facebook has at all times denied any
                      wrongdoing.  The settlement breaks new
                      ground when it comes to privacy settlements
                      simply by virtue of its sheer size: an all
                      cash fund of $650 million for the class.

                      Announced May 1, 2020.

                      Judge: The Honorable James Donato

                      Counsel for Plaintiffs and the Class:

                         Jay Edelson, Esq.
                         Benjamin H. Richman, Esq.
                         Alexander G. Tievsky, Esq.
                         EDELSON PC
                         350 North LaSalle Street, 14th Floor
                         Chicago, IL 60654
                         Tel: (312) 589-6370
                         Fax: (312) 589-6379
                         E-mail: jedelson@edelson.com

                              - and -

                         Shawn A. Williams, Esq.
                         John H. George, Esq.
                         ROBBINS GELLER RUDMAN & DOWD LLP
                         One Montgomery Street, Suite 1800
                         San Francisco, CA 94104
                         Tel: (415) 288-4545
                         Fax: (415) 288-4534
                         E-mail: shawnw@rgrdlaw.com

                              - and -

                         Michael P. Canty, Esq.
                         Corban S. Rhodes, Esq.
                         LABATON SUCHAROW LLP
                         140 Broadway
                         New York, NY 10005
                         Tel: (212) 907-0700
                         Fax: (212) 818-0477
                         E-mail: mcanty@labaton.com

                      Counsel for Defendant Facebook Inc.:

                         Michael G. Rhodes, Esq.
                         Whitty Somvichian, Esq.
                         COOLEY LLP
                         101 California Street, 5th Floor
                         San Francisco, CA 94111
                         Tel: (415) 693-2000
                         Fax: (415) 693-2222
                         E-mail: rhodesmg@cooley.com

                              - and -

                         Lauren R. Goldman, Esq.
                         Michael Rayfield, Esq.
                         MAYER BROWN LLP
                         1221 Avenue of the Americas
                         New York, NY 10020
                         Tel: (212) 506-2500
                         E-mail: lrgoldman@mayerbrown.com

                              - and -

                         John Nadolenco, Esq.
                         MAYER BROWN LLP
                         350 South Grand Avenue, 25th Floor
                         Los Angeles, CA 90071
                         Tel: (213) 229-9500
                         E-mail: jnadolenco@mayerbrown.com

                      Mediator: Jeff Bleich

                      Claims Administrator:

                         GILARDI & CO. LLC
                         3301 Kerner Boulevard
                         San Rafael, CA 94901

                      On the Net:


  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $641,250,000        In re Flint Water Litigation, No.
                      17-108646-NO (Mich. Cir., 7th Judicial,
                      Genesee County)

                      The lawsuits assert that when the City of
                      Flint switched to the Flint River as the
                      source of water in 2014, the water was not
                      treated correctly and that it caused pipes
                      to corrode and release lead and other
                      contaminants into the water. Flint
                      residents suffered personal injury,
                      property damage, economic loss, or any
                      other type of damage or injury as a result
                      of exposure to, use of, or being obligated
                      to pay for, the contaminated water.
                      Plaintiffs allege the Defendants made the
                      situation worse by, among other things,
                      concealing and misrepresenting the scope of
                      the water contamination, failing to take
                      effective action to eliminate the source of
                      the contamination, failing to properly
                      treat the water in general, failing to
                      properly provide engineering services and
                      advice on treating and addressing
                      contamination of the water, and then lying
                      about it to cover up the misconduct.

                      The total settlement fund is divided into
                      three general categories:

                      (1) 79.5% of the total fund (less fees and
                          expenses allowed by the Court) will be
                          allocated to children who were under
                          age 18 when they were first exposed to
                          the water.

                      (2) 2% of the total fund (less fees and
                          expenses allowed by the Court) will be
                          allocated to educational programs for
                          Flint children affected by the water.

                      (3) 18.5% of the total fund (less fees and
                          expenses allowed by the Court) will be
                          allocated to adults, property owners
                          and renters, and/or business owners and
                          operators, or are legally liable for
                          the water payments who are claiming
                          injury, damage, or loss of any kind.

                      Judge: The Honorable Joseph J. Farah

                      Co-Lead Class Counsel:

                         Theodore J. Leopold, Esq.
                         COHEN MILSTEIN SELLERS & TOLL PLLC
                         2925 PGA Boulevard, Suite 200
                         Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
                         Tel: (561) 515-1400
                         E-mail: tleopold@cohenmilstein.com

                              - and -

                         Emmy L. Levens, Esq.
                         COHEN MILSTEIN SELLERS & TOLL PLLC
                         1100 New York Ave. NW, Suite 500
                         Washington, DC 20005
                         Tel: (202) 408-4600
                         E-mail: elevens@cohenmilstein.com

                              - and -

                         Michael L. Pitt, Esq.
                         PITT McGEHEE PALMER BONANNI & RIVERS PC
                         117 W. Fourth Street, Suite 200
                         Royal Oak, MI 48067
                         Tel: (248) 398-9800
                         E-mail: mpitt@pittlawpc.com

                      Co-Liaison Counsel:

                         Corey M. Stern, Esq.
                         LEVY KONIGSBERG, LLP
                         800 Third Ave, 11th Floor
                         New York, NY 10022
                         Tel: (212) 605-6298
                         Fax: (212) 605-6290
                         E-mail: cstern@levylaw.com

                              - and -

                         Hunter Shkolnik, Esq.
                         NAPOLI SHKOLNIK
                         270 Munoz Rivera Avenue, Suite 201
                         Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00918
                         Tel: (787) 493-5088 Ext. 2007 / 5107
                              (347) 379-1688
                         E-mail: Hunter@NapoliLaw.com

                      Counsel for the State of Michigan and State
                      Defendants Michigan Department of
                      Environmental Quality (now known as
                      Michigan Department of Environment, Great
                      Lakes, and Energy), Michigan Department of
                      Health and Human Services, Michigan
                      Department of Treasury, former Governor
                      Richard D. Snyder, Governor Gretchen
                      Whitmer, the Flint Receivership Transition
                      Advisory Board, Lianne Shekter Smith,
                      Daniel Wyant, Stephen Busch, Patrick Cook,
                      Michael Prysby, Bradley Wurfel, Eden Wells,
                      Nick Lyon, Nancy Peeler, Robert Scott, Adam
                      Rosenthal, Dennis Muchmore, Kevin Clinton,
                      Linda Dykema, and Andy Dillon:

                         Richard S. Kuhl, Esq.
                         Margaret A. Bettenhausen, Esq.
                         Nathan A. Gambill, Esq.
                         Charles A. Cavanagh, Esq.
                         Assistant Attorneys General
                         Environment, Natural Resources, and
                            Agriculture Division
                         P.O. Box 30755
                         Lansing, MI 48909
                         Tel: (517) 335-7664
                         E-mail: kuhlr@michigan.gov

                      Counsel for Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

                         Todd R. Mendel, Esq.
                         Eugene Driker, Esq.
                         Special Assistant Attorneys General
                         BARRIS, SOTT, DENN & DRIKER, PLLC
                         333. W. Fort Street, Suite 1200
                         Detroit, MI 48226
                         Tel: (313) 965-9725
                         E-mail: tmendel@bsdd.com

                      Counsel for Defendants The City of Flint,
                      Howard Croft, Michael Glasgow, Dayne
                      Walling, and Daugherty Johnson as City
                      Personnel; and Gerald Ambrose, Edward
                      Kurtz, Darnell Earley, and Michael Brown
                      as Emergency Managers:

                         William Y. Kin, Esq.
                         Assistant City Attorney
                         City of Flint, Department of Law
                         1101 S. Saginaw St., 3rd Floor
                         Flint, MI 48502
                         Tel: (810) 766-7146
                         E-mail: wkim@cityofflint.com

                              - and -

                         Frederick A. Berg, Jr., Esq.
                         BUTZEL LONG, P.C.
                         150 West Jefferson, Suite 100
                         Detroit, MI 48226
                         Tel: (313) 225-7000
                         E-mail: berg@butzel.com

                      Co-Counsel for Defendants McLaren Health
                      Care Corporation, McLaren Regional Medical
                      Center, and McLaren Flint Hospital:

                         Susan E. Smith, Esq.
                         BEVERIDGE & DIAMOND, P.C.
                         1350 I Street, N.W., Suite 700
                         Washington, D.C. 20005-3311
                         Tel: (202) 789-6000
                         E-mail: ssmith@bdlaw.com

                            - and -

                         J. Brian MacDonald, Esq.
                         CLINE, CLINE & GRIFFIN
                         503 S. Saginaw St., Suite 1000
                         Flint, MI 48503
                         Tel: (810) 232-3141
                         E-mail: bmacdonald@ccglawyers.com

                      Counsel for Rowe Professional Services

                         Craig S. Thompson, Esq.
                         SULLIVAN, WARD, PATTON, GLEESON,
                            AND FELTY, P.C.
                         400 Galleria Officentre, Suite 500
                         Southfield, MI 48034
                         Tel: (248) 746-0700
                         E-mail: cthompson@sullivanwardlaw.com

                      Special Master:

                         Deborah Greenspan, Esq.
                         BLANK ROME LLP
                         1825 Eye Street NW
                         Washington, DC 20006
                         Tel: (202) 420-3100
                         E-mail: dgreenspan@blankrome.com

                      Claims Administrator:

                         ARCHER Systems, LLC
                         1775 St. James Place, Suite 200
                         Houston, TX 77056

                      On the Net:


  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $520,000,000        Cook, et al. v. South Carolina Public
                      Service Authority, et al., No. 2017-CP-25-
                      348, 2019-CP-23-6675 (S.C. Ct. Comm. Pls.)

                      Plaintiffs allege, among things, that
                      customers of Santee Cooper paid utility
                      rates for amounts related to the
                      construction of two new nuclear power
                      plants at the V.C. Summer nuclear power
                      station that they should not have been
                      charged.  Under the deal, South Carolina
                      Electric & Gas Company will transfer to an
                      escrow agent a number of shares of Dominion
                      Energy, Inc. common stock, without par
                      value, equal to $320 million divided by the
                      average daily adjusted closing price over
                      the five trading days immediately preceding
                      the transfer or issuance of the shares, and
                      the escrow agent will sell the shares for
                      the benefit of the Common Benefit Fund.
                      Santee Cooper will pay $200 million to the
                      Common Benefit Fund in three annual
                      installments beginning in 2020, payable in
                      the third quarter of each year, in the
                      amounts of $65 million, $65 million and
                      $70 million.

                      Announced March 17, 2020

                      Judge: The Honorable Jean Hoefer Toal
                             Chief Justice, Retired
                             Acting Circuit Court Judge

                      Counsel for Plaintiffs and Class:

                         Dan Speights, Esq.
                         A.G. Solomons III, Esq.
                         SPEIGHTS & SOLOMONS, LLC
                         100 Oak Street
                         Hampton, SC 29924

                              - and -

                         James L. Ward, Jr., Esq.
                         Ranee Saunders, Esq.
                         Whitney Harrison, Esq.
                         McGOWAN, HOOD & FELDER, LLC
                         321 Wingo Way, Suite 103
                         Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

                              - and -

                         Clayton B. McCullough, Esq.
                         Ross A. Appel, Esq.
                         McCULLOUGH KHAN, LLC
                         359 King St., Ste. 200
                         Charleston, SC 29401

                              - and -

                         J. Preston Strom, Jr., Esq.
                         John R. Alphin, Esq.
                         Jessica L. Fickling, Esq.
                         STROM LAW FIRM, LLC
                         2110 Beltline Blvd.
                         Columbia, SC 29204

                              - and -

                         Terry Richardson, Esq.
                         Edward J. Westbrook, Esq.
                         Jerry H. Evans, Esq.
                         Daniel S. Haltiwanger, Esq.
                         RICHARDSON, PATRICK, WESTBROOK &
                            BRICKMAN, LLC
                         P. O. Box 1368
                         1730 Jackson Street
                         Barnwell, SC 29812

                              - and -

                         Gregory M. Galvin, Esq.
                         GALVIN LAW GROUP, LLC
                         PO Box 887
                         Bluffton, SC 29910

                              - and -

                         Vincent Sheheen, Esq.
                         SAVAGE, ROYALL AND SHEHEEN, L.L.P.
                         1111 Church Street
                         Camden, SC 29020

                              - and -

                         J. Edward Bell, Esq.
                         BELL LEGAL GROUP, LLC
                         219 N. Ridge Street
                         Georgetown, SC 29440

                      Counsel for Defendants South Carolina
                      Electric & Gas Company, SCANA Corporation,
                      and SCANA Services, Inc.:

                         Steven J. Pugh, Esq.
                         Benjamin P. Carlton, Esq.
                         RICHARDSON PLOWDEN & ROBINSON, P.A.
                         1900 Barnwell Street (29201)
                         P.O. Drawer 7788
                         Columbia, SC 29202
                         Tel: (803) 771-4400
                         E-mail: spugh@richardsonplowden.com

                              - and -

                         David L. Balser, Esq.
                         Jonathan R. Chally, Esq.
                         KING & SPALDING LLP
                         1180 Peachtree St. NE
                         Atlanta, GA 30309
                         Tel: (404) 572-4600
                         E-mail: dbalser@kslaw.com

                      Counsel for South Carolina Public Service
                      Authority, W. Leighton Lord, III, William
                      A. Finn, Barry Wynn, Kristofer Clark,
                      Merrell W. Floyd, J. Calhoun Land, IV,
                      Stephen H. Mudge, Peggy H. Pinnell, Dan J.
                      Ray, David F. Singleton, and Jack F. Wolfe,

                         William C. Hubbard, Esq.
                         B. Rush Smith III, Esq.
                         1320 Main Street, 17th Floor
                         Columbia, SC 29201
                         Tel: (803) 799-2000

                      Counsel for Defendant Central Electric
                      Power Cooperative, Inc.:

                         Frank R. Ellerbe, III, Esq.
                         Kevin K. Bell, Esq.
                         ROBINSON GRAY STEPP & LAFFITTE, LLC
                         Post Office Box 11449
                         Columbia, SC 29211
                         Tel: (803) 929-1400
                         E-mail: fellerbe@sowellgray.com

                              - and -

                         James L. Orr, Esq.
                         EVERSHEDS SUTHERLAND (US) LLP
                         999 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 2300
                         Atlanta, GA 30309
                         Tel: (404) 853-8000

                      Counsel for Palmetto Electric Cooperative,

                         D. Jay Davis, Jr., Esq.
                         YOUNG CLEMENT RIVERS, LLP
                         P.O. Box 993
                         Charleston, SC 29402

                              - and -

                         Daniel E. Henderson, Esq.
                         PETERS, MURDAUGH, PARKER, ELTZROTH &
                            DETRICK, P.A.
                         90 North Green Street
                         Post Office Box 2500
                         Ridgeland, SC 29936

                      Claims Administrator:

                         EPIQ CLASS ACTION & CLAIMS
                            SOLUTIONS, INC.
                         10300 Southwest Allen Blvd.
                         Beaverton, OR 97005
                         Tel: (503) 350-5800

                      On the Net:


  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $500,000,000        In re Apple Inc. Device Performance
                      Litigation, Case No. 18-MD-2827-EJD (N.D.

                      Plaintiffs claim that a performance
                      management feature introduced for iPhone 6,
                      6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and SE devices in iOS
                      10.2.1, and introduced for iPhone 7 and 7
                      Plus devices in iOS 11.2, diminished the
                      performance of some of those devices. Under
                      the settlement, Apple will make a minimum,
                      non-reversionary payment of $310 million
                      and a maximum payment of up to $500
                      million, depending on the number of claims

                      Judge: The Honorable Edward J. Davila

                      Co-Lead Class Counsel:

                         Joseph W. Cotchett, Esq.
                         Mark C. Molumphy, Esq.
                         Anya Thepot, Esq.
                         COTCHETT, PITRE & MCCARTHY LLP
                         840 Malcolm Road, Suite 200
                         Burlingame, CA 94010
                         E-mail: jcotchett@cpmlegal.com

                               - and -

                         Laurence D. King, Esq.
                         Frederic S. Fox, Esq
                         Donald R. Hall, Esq.
                         David A. Straite, Esq
                         KAPLAN FOX & KILSHEIMER LLP
                         1999 Harrison Street, Suite 1560
                         Oakland, CA 94612
                         E-mail: lking@kaplanfox.com

                      Counsel for Apple, Inc.:

                         Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr., Esq.
                         Richard J. Doren, Esq.
                         Christopher Chorba, Esq.
                         GIBSON, DUNN & CRUTCHER LLP
                         333 South Grand Avenue
                         Los Angeles, CA 90071
                         E-mail: tboutrous@gibsondunn.com

                      Claims Administrator:

                         ANGEION GROUP
                         1650 Arch St # 2210
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                        Asbestos Litigation


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