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                     L A T I N   A M E R I C A

            Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Vol. 15, No. 248


A N T I G U A  &  B A R B U D A

AMERICAN UNIV. OF ANTIGUA: Lays Blame for Strike Action on Union
STANFORD INT'L: Still No Money for Former Workers


COLUMBUS INT'L: '500 News Jobs' From CWC-Columbus Merger


CIMPOR CIMENTOS: S&P Withdraws 'BB' Rating on Company's Request

C A Y M A N  I S L A N D S

BLUE OPPORTUNITIES: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
BLUE OPPORTUNITIES II: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
DELOITTE CARIBBEAN: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
DRAKE LATAM: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
DRAKE PIPE: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report

EARLS TEN: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
ENRON DEVELOPMENT: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
GALBRAITH GLOBAL: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
HADAR INVESTMENT: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
KITIMAT MARKETING: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report

MOLINERO GLOBAL: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
NIAGARA ELITE: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
ONSLOW MACRO: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
PROJECT FUNDING: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
SIGNUM CARIGE: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report

SOLAR INVESTMENT: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
TANGO PARTNERS: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
ZAIS ZEPHYR A-1: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report

D O M I N I C A N   R E P U B L I C

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Fuel Prices Plummet a 5th Straight Week


GRENADA: IMF Completes Review, Enables Disbursement of US$2.9MM


DIGICEL GROUP: "Not Sour grapes!" Digicel Chairman Says


* Large Companies With Insolvent Balance Sheets

                            - - - - -

A N T I G U A  &  B A R B U D A

AMERICAN UNIV. OF ANTIGUA: Lays Blame for Strike Action on Union
The Daily Observer reports that executives at the American
University of Antigua (AUA) have placed the blame for the
industrial action by some of the workers solely on the union.

AUA's Senior Vice President Leonard Sclafani said the Antigua
Trades & Labour Union (AT&LU), which represents the workers, has
made a laundry list of allegations against the school, mainly
regarding salary anomalies, but have failed to propose a solution,
according to The Daily Observer.

The report notes that while the union is said to represent 200
housekeeping, grounds, security, and secretarial personnel, only
around 20 people showed up for picket to demand higher pay and a
new collective agreement.  The industrial relations officer has
called for a meeting with management to discuss the new agreement
for all affected staff, the report discloses.

AT&LU industrial relations officer, Hugh Joseph, said the most
grievous issue among the staff was that of salary
reclassification, the report notes.

"Management recognized that such anomalies existed and indicated
to the union that they would have done the exercise to correct the
anomalies," Mr. Joseph told The Daily Observer.

The report relays that Mr. Joseph claimed the union had already
submitted the necessary proposals, but now the AUA management is
asking for more.

"We have made submission of our exercise and the management is not
willing to come to the table," the report quoted Mr. Joseph as
saying.  "They're saying that they want justification for
individual persons for individual positions," Mr. Joseph added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sclafani said the strike did not affect campus
operations and he was, in fact, unaware of any industrial action
until a colleague brought it to his attention, the report notes.

Mr. Sclafani said AUA remains willing to dialogue with staff and
the union, provide they furnish them with a proposal, the report

STANFORD INT'L: Still No Money for Former Workers
The Daily Observer reports that former Stanford International Bank
Limited workers who have been agitating for severance and
outstanding salaries for the past five years will have to wait a
while longer before payment is realized.

One of the Stanford Development Company's liquidators indicated
they do not have money to pay former workers, according to The
Daily Observer.

"We can't make a payment out of an insolvent estate until there is
money with which to pay them," Marcus Wide -- -- of Grant Thornton said during an
interview with the Daily Observer.

About 30 former Stanford workers took to the pavement outside the
liquidator's office on the Old Parham road demanding payment of
the outstanding amounts owed to them, the report discloses.

The workers, some of whom were employed as ground staff and
security guards, say they are owed in the region of ED$20 million,
the report relates.

The report notes that they complained that properties owned by the
disgraced financier are being sold and nothing is forthcoming to
former workers.

              About Stanford International Bank

Domiciled in Antigua, Stanford International Bank Limited -- is a member of
Stanford Private Wealth Management, a global financial services
network with US$51 billion in deposits and assets under
management or advisement.  Stanford Private Wealth Management
serves more than 70,000 clients in 140 countries.

On Feb. 16, 2009, the United States District Court for the
Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, signed an order
appointing Ralph Janvey as receiver for all the assets and
records of Stanford International Bank, Ltd., Stanford Group
Company, Stanford Capital Management, LLC, Robert Allen Stanford,
James M. Davis and Laura Pendergest-Holt and of all entities they
own or control.  The February 16 order, as amended March 12,
2009, directs the Receiver to, among other things, take control
and possession of and to operate the Receivership Estate, and to
perform all acts necessary to conserve, hold, manage and preserve
the value of the Receivership Estate.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, on Feb. 17, charged
before the U.S. District Court in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Stanford and
three of his companies for orchestrating a fraudulent, multi-
billion dollar investment scheme centering on an US$8 billion
Certificate of Deposit program.

A criminal case was pursued against him in June before the U.S.
District Court in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Stanford pleaded not
guilty to 21 charges of multi-billion dollar fraud, money-
laundering and obstruction of justice.  Assistant Attorney
General Lanny Breuer, as cited by Agence France-Presse News, said
in a 57-page indictment that Mr. Stanford could face up to 250
years in prison if convicted on all charges.  Mr. Stanford
surrendered to U.S. authorities after a warrant was issued for
his arrest on the criminal charges.


COLUMBUS INT'L: '500 News Jobs' From CWC-Columbus Merger
Trinidad Express reports that Cable and Wireless Communications
(CWC) and Columbus International Inc. disclosed the formation of a
new company that will create 500 jobs following CWC's acquisition
of Columbus.

A statement described the process as a "ground-breaking customer
charter that will guide how the new company would operate
following the approval and closing of their merger," according to
Trinidad Express.

In listing a suite of commitments, CWC chief executive Phil
Bentley said that the new company plans to revolutionize
telecommunications across the Caribbean, the report notes.

It will invest US$400 million to expand its broadband
infrastructure, the report discloses.

"This merger will result in the most extensive fibre
infrastructure ever constructed in the region, providing wider
access to all, specifically targeting low income households. We
will ensure that all our customers have affordable access, while
also providing industry leading one Gb/s broadband speeds for
those customers who want an unparalleled online experience," the
report quoted Mr. Bentley as saying.

The report notes that Mr. Bentley said the new company formed from
the merger of CWC/Columbus would create more than 500 jobs between
now and 2019 through growth in its services and by reviewing
current outsourcing arrangements.

"We will enhance the quality of our customers' experience, as we
invest in jobs closer to our Caribbean customers," Mr. Bentley
said, the report notes.

CWC acquired Columbus for US$3.2 billion last month, pending
regulatory approvals, the report adds.

               About Columbus International

Columbus International Inc. is a privately held diversified
telecommunications company based in Bahamas.  The Company provides
digital cable television, broadband Internet and digital landline
telephony in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent &
the Grenadines, St. Lucia and Curacao under the brand name Flow
and in Antigua under the brand name Karib Cable.

As reported in the Troubled Company Reporter-Latin America on Nov.
10, 2014, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services placed its 'B'
corporate credit and issue-level ratings on Columbus International
Inc. (Columbus) on CreditWatch with positive implications.


CIMPOR CIMENTOS: S&P Withdraws 'BB' Rating on Company's Request
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services withdrew its 'BB' ratings on
Cimpor Cimentos de Portugal, S.G.P.S., S.A. and its subsidiary,
Cimpor Inversiones, at the company's request.  The company has no
outstanding rated debt.  At the time of the withdrawal, the rating
and outlook reflected that of the company's ultimate parent,
Camargo Correa S.A.  S&P continues to rate Intercement Brasil S.A.
which together with Intercement Participacoes S.A. guarantee the
also rated notes issued by Cimpor Financial Operations B.V.

C A Y M A N  I S L A N D S

BLUE OPPORTUNITIES: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
The shareholder of Blue Opportunities, Ltd. received on Nov. 25,
2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up proceedings
and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          c/o Martina de Lima
          Telephone: (345) 946-8577

BLUE OPPORTUNITIES II: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
The shareholder of Blue Opportunities II, Ltd. received on
Nov. 3, 2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up
proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          c/o Martina de Lima
          Telephone: (345) 946-8577

DELOITTE CARIBBEAN: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda Limited
received on Nov. 28, 2014, the liquidator's report on the
company's wind-up proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          Stuart Sybersma
          c/o Grant Hiley
          Deloitte & Touche
          Citrus Grove Building, 4th Floor
          Goring Avenue
          George Town KY1-1109
          Cayman Islands
          Telephone: +1 (345) 814 2353
          Facsimile: +1 (345) 949 8258

DRAKE LATAM: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Drake Latam Debt Fund received on Nov. 26,
2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up proceedings
and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

         Drake Asset Management Company
         c/o Barnaby Gowrie
         Telephone: +1 (345) 914 6365

DRAKE PIPE: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Drake Pipe Fund received on Nov. 26, 2014, the
liquidator's report on the company's wind-up proceedings and
property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

         Drake Asset Management Company
         c/o Barnaby Gowrie
         Telephone: +1 (345) 914 6365

EARLS TEN: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
The shareholder of Earls Ten Limited received on Dec. 5, 2014, the
liquidator's report on the company's wind-up proceedings and
property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          David Dyer
          Telephone: (345)949-8244
          Facsimile: (345)949-5223
          P.O. Box 1984 Grand Cayman KY1-1104
          Cayman Islands

ENRON DEVELOPMENT: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Enron Development Funding Ltd received on
Nov. 24, 2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up
proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          Kris Beighton
          c/o James Macfee
          Telephone: 345-914-4465
          Facsimile: 345-949-7164
          Century Yard, 2nd Floor
          Cricket Square, Elgin Avenue
          Grand Cayman
          Cayman Islands
          Telephone: (345) 949-4800
          Facsimile: (345) 949-7164

GALBRAITH GLOBAL: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Galbraith Global Strategies Offshore Fund Ltd.
received on Nov. 27, 2014, the liquidator's report on the
company's wind-up proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          Galbraith Global Investment Management LP
          c/o Barnaby Gowrie
          Telephone: +1 (345) 914 6365

HADAR INVESTMENT: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Hadar Investment Advisers Ltd. received on
Dec. 2, 2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up
proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          Michael Pearson
          c/o Trudy-Ann Scott
          Fund Fiduciary Partners Limited
          Telephone: +1 (345) 947 5855

KITIMAT MARKETING: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Kitimat Marketing Inc. received on Nov. 28,
2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up proceedings
and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          Philip Mosely
          Harbour Centre 42, Ground Floor
          North Church Street, George Town
          Grand Cayman KY1-1110
          Cayman Islands
          Telephone: +1 (345) 949 4018
          Facsimile: +1 (345) 949 7891

MOLINERO GLOBAL: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Molinero Global Markets Fund received on
Nov. 25, 2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up
proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          Appleby Trust (Cayman) Ltd.
          c/o Richard Gordon
          Telephone: +1 (345) 949 4900
          75 Fort Street, PO Box 1350
          Grand Cayman KY1-1108
          Cayman Islands

NIAGARA ELITE: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
The shareholder of Niagara Elite Fund, Ltd. received on Nov. 25,
2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up proceedings
and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          c/o Martina de Lima
          Telephone: (345) 946-8577

ONSLOW MACRO: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
The shareholder of Onslow Macro Fund No. 3 Limited received on
Nov. 25, 2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up
proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          Richard Fear
          c/o Daniel Woolston
          Telephone: (345) 814 7782
          Facsimile: (345) 945 3902
          P.O. Box 2681 Grand Cayman KY1-1111
          Cayman Islands

PROJECT FUNDING: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
The shareholder of Project Funding Corporation I received on
Dec. 5, 2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up
proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          David Dyer
          Telephone: (345)949-8244
          Facsimile: (345)949-5223
          P.O. Box 1984 Grand Cayman KY1-1104
          Cayman Islands

SIGNUM CARIGE: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Signum Carige Limited received on Dec. 5,
2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up proceedings
and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          David Dyer
          Telephone: (345)949-8244
          Facsimile: (345)949-5223
          P.O. Box 1984 Grand Cayman KY1-1104
          Cayman Islands

SOLAR INVESTMENT: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Solar Investment Grade CBO I, Limited received
on Dec. 5, 2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up
proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          David Dyer
          Telephone: (345)949-8244
          Facsimile: (345)949-5223
          P.O. Box 1984 Grand Cayman KY1-1104
          Cayman Islands

TANGO PARTNERS: Shareholder Receives Wind-Up Report
The shareholder of Tango Partners Management Ltd. received on
Dec. 12, 2014, the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up
proceedings and property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

         Intertrust SPV (Cayman) Limited
         190 Elgin Avenue, George Town
         Grand Cayman KY1-9005
         Cayman Islands
         c/o Jennifer Chailler
         Telephone: (345) 943-3100

ZAIS ZEPHYR A-1: Shareholders Receive Wind-Up Report
The shareholders of Zais Zephyr A-1, Ltd received on Dec. 5, 2014,
the liquidator's report on the company's wind-up proceedings and
property disposal.

The company's liquidator is:

          David Dyer
          Telephone: (345)949-8244
          Facsimile: (345)949-5223
          P.O. Box 1984 Grand Cayman KY1-1104
          Cayman Islands

D O M I N I C A N   R E P U B L I C

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Fuel Prices Plummet a 5th Straight Week
Dominican Today reports that the Dominican Republic Industry and
Commerce Ministry posted lower prices on most fuels for the 5th
straight week, so from December 13 to 19 premium gasoline will
cost RD$208.55, or RD$12.85 less, and regular gasoline goes to
RD$185.68,or RD$15.52 less per gallon.

Premium diesel will sell for RD$173.17, or RD$11.93 less; regular
diesel will RD$165.12, or RD$12.78 less and optimum diesel will
cost RD$183.63, or RD$13.37 lower per gallon, according to
Dominican Today.

The report relates that Avtur will cost RD$116.70, or RD$13.10
less; kerosene will cost RD$150.13, or a RD$14.67 lower and fuel
oil will cost RD$99.72, or RD$9.58 lower per gallon.

Propane gas will sell for RD$86.90, a reduction of RD$10.40 per
gallon, and natural gas remains unchanged at RD$35.67 per cubic
meter, the report notes.


GRENADA: IMF Completes Review, Enables Disbursement of US$2.9MM
The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
completed the first review of Grenada's economic performance under
a three-year program supported by an arrangement under the
Extended Credit Facility (ECF).  The completion of the review
enables the disbursement of SDR2 million (about US$2.9 million),
bringing total resources made available to Grenada under the
arrangement to SDR4.04 million (about US$5.9 million).
The ECF arrangement in the amount of SDR 14.04 million (then about
US$21.7 million, or 120 percent of Grenada's quota at the IMF) was
approved by the Executive Board on June 26, 2014.

Following the Executive Board's discussion on Grenada, Mr. Min
Zhu, Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair, said:
"The Grenadian authorities are implementing their Fund-supported
economic program with great resolution.  Fiscal consolidation is
underway, structural reforms are advancing, and negotiations with
creditors on public debt restructuring are progressing. While the
economy is showing signs of recovery, it remains subject to
significant risks.  Continued strong commitment to the program,
supported by all stakeholders, will be critical to boost Grenada's
growth prospects.

"Immediate priorities are to restore fiscal and debt
sustainability, and bolster competitiveness.  The planned fiscal
consolidation will help meet the fiscal objectives for 2014-15,
while protecting the most vulnerable.  However, continued
adjustment effort and strong implementation is needed to achieve
the program's primary surplus targets.  In addition, a
comprehensive restructuring of public debt will be essential to
return public debt to sustainable levels.

"Reforms to the institutional framework for fiscal policy will be
critical to support sound policies, going forward.  Priority
should be given to implementing the new public financial
management legislation, introducing fiscal responsibility
legislation, finalizing reforms of public institutions outside the
central government, reforming the tax incentive regime,
introducing a framework for sustainable management of citizenship-
by-investment receipts, and improving the tax and customs

"The legislative underpinnings of the authorities' growth-
enhancing strategy have been put in place. However, stronger
reforms will be needed to improve competitiveness and longer-term
prospects.  A focus on the implementation of the investment
framework and on the reform of the regulatory framework for the
energy sector could yield important gains. Social protection
programs should also be strengthened to ensure more inclusive

"Advancing the regional strategy to strengthen the banking system,
coordinated by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, remains
essential to securing financial stability and efficient


DIGICEL GROUP: "Not Sour grapes!" Digicel Chairman Says
RJR News reports that Denis O'Brien, Chairman of Digicel Group
Limited, has sought to clear the air regarding his company's
complaints about the acquisition of Flow's parent Columbus
Communications by Cable & Wireless.

RJR News, citing im, relates that the complaints are not a case of
sour grapes, but an appeal to regional telecommunications
authorities to address the Columbus purchase or risk the creation
of a monopoly.

Mr. O'Brien traveled to Trinidad & Tobago to present Digicel's
arguments at the Caribbean Telecommunications Union's forum,
according to RJR News.

Mr. O'Brien said the proposed merger of Columbus and Cable &
Wireless will lead to a substantial lessening of competition in at
least six geographic markets, the report relates.  These are
Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent and the
Grenadines as well as Grenada, the report discloses.

Headquartered in Jamaica, Digicel Group Limited provides mobile
telecommunications services in the Caribbean and the Central
American markets.   The company's services include rollover
minutes, GPRS data services, prepaid roaming, SMS to e-mail, and
multimedia messaging, as well as broadband.

                        *     *     *

As reported in the Troubled Company Reporter-Latin America on May
27, 2014, Fitch Ratings has affirmed the ratings of Digicel Group
Limited (DGL) and its subsidiaries Digicel Limited (DL) and
Digicel International Finance Limited (DIFL), collectively
referred as 'Digicel' as:

--Long-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) at 'B' with a Stable
--USD 2 billion 8.25% senior subordinated notes due 2020 at 'B-
--USD 1 billion 7.125% senior unsecured notes due 2022 at 'B-

--Long-term IDR at 'B' with a Stable Outlook;
--USD 800 million 8.25% senior notes due 2017 at 'B/RR4';
--USD 250 million 7% senior notes due 2020 at 'B/RR4';
--USD 1.3 billion 6% senior notes due 2021 at 'B/RR4'.

--Long-term IDR at 'B' with a Stable Outlook;
--Senior secured credit facility at 'B+/RR3'.


* Large Companies With Insolvent Balance Sheets

                                         Total       Shareholders
                                         Assets          Equity
Company                Ticker           (US$MM)        (US$MM)
-------                ------         ---------      ------------

AGRENCO LTD            AGRE LX        339244073      -561405847
AGRENCO LTD-BDR        AGEN33 BZ      339244073      -561405847
AGRENCO LTD-BDR        AGEN11 BZ      339244073      -561405847
ARTHUR LAN-DVD C       ARLA11 BZ     11642254.9     -17154460.3
ARTHUR LAN-DVD P       ARLA12 BZ     11642254.9     -17154460.3
ARTHUR LANGE           ARLA3 BZ      11642254.9     -17154460.3
ARTHUR LANGE SA        ALICON BZ     11642254.9     -17154460.3
ARTHUR LANGE-PRF       ARLA4 BZ      11642254.9     -17154460.3
ARTHUR LANGE-PRF       ALICPN BZ     11642254.9     -17154460.3
ARTHUR LANG-RC C       ARLA9 BZ      11642254.9     -17154460.3
ARTHUR LANG-RC P       ARLA10 BZ     11642254.9     -17154460.3
ARTHUR LANG-RT C       ARLA1 BZ      11642254.9     -17154460.3
ARTHUR LANG-RT P       ARLA2 BZ      11642254.9     -17154460.3
BALADARE               BLDR3 BZ       159449535     -52990723.7
BATTISTELLA            BTTL3 BZ       115297369       -19538107
BATTISTELLA-PREF       BTTL4 BZ       115297369       -19538107
BATTISTELLA-RECE       BTTL9 BZ       115297369       -19538107
BATTISTELLA-RECP       BTTL10 BZ      115297369       -19538107
BATTISTELLA-RI P       BTTL2 BZ       115297369       -19538107
BATTISTELLA-RIGH       BTTL1 BZ       115297369       -19538107
BOMBRIL                BMBBF US       309951278     -57714449.4
BOMBRIL                FPXE4 BZ      19416013.9      -489914853
BOMBRIL                BOBR3 BZ       309951278     -57714449.4
BOMBRIL - RTS          BOBR11 BZ      309951278     -57714449.4
BOMBRIL CIRIO SA       BOBRON BZ      309951278     -57714449.4
BOMBRIL CIRIO-PF       BOBRPN BZ      309951278     -57714449.4
BOMBRIL HOLDING        FPXE3 BZ      19416013.9      -489914853
BOMBRIL SA-ADR         BMBPY US       309951278     -57714449.4
BOMBRIL SA-ADR         BMBBY US       309951278     -57714449.4
BOMBRIL-PREF           BOBR4 BZ       309951278     -57714449.4
BOMBRIL-RGTS PRE       BOBR2 BZ       309951278     -57714449.4
BOMBRIL-RIGHTS         BOBR1 BZ       309951278     -57714449.4
BOTUCATU TEXTIL        STRP3 BZ      27663605.3     -7174512.12
BOTUCATU-PREF          STRP4 BZ      27663605.3     -7174512.12
BUETTNER               BUET3 BZ      95403660.1     -37550595.1
BUETTNER SA            BUETON BZ     95403660.1     -37550595.1
BUETTNER SA-PRF        BUETPN BZ     95403660.1     -37550595.1
BUETTNER SA-RT P       BUET2 BZ      95403660.1     -37550595.1
BUETTNER SA-RTS        BUET1 BZ      95403660.1     -37550595.1
BUETTNER-PREF          BUET4 BZ      95403660.1     -37550595.1
CAF BRASILIA           CAFE3 BZ       160933830      -149277092
CAF BRASILIA-PRF       CAFE4 BZ       160933830      -149277092
CAFE BRASILIA SA       CSBRON BZ      160933830      -149277092
CAFE BRASILIA-PR       CSBRPN BZ      160933830      -149277092
CAIUA ELEC-C RT        ELCA1 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA               ELCON BZ      1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA-DVD CMN       ELCA11 BZ     1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA-DVD COM       ELCA12 BZ     1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA-PREF          ELCPN BZ      1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA-PRF A         ELCAN BZ      1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA-PRF A         ELCA5 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA-PRF B         ELCA6 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA-PRF B         ELCBN BZ      1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA-RCT PRF       ELCA10 BZ     1029019993      -128321599
CAIUA SA-RTS           ELCA2 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
CAIVA SERV DE EL       1315Z BZ      1029019993      -128321599
CELGPAR                GPAR3 BZ       202489694     -1054621126
CENTRAL COST-ADR       CCSA LI        271025064     -37667553.4
CENTRAL COSTAN-B       CRCBF US       271025064     -37667553.4
CENTRAL COSTAN-B       CNRBF US       271025064     -37667553.4
CENTRAL COSTAN-C       CECO3 AR       271025064     -37667553.4
CENTRAL COST-BLK       CECOB AR       271025064     -37667553.4
CIA PETROLIFERA        MRLM3 BZ       377592596      -3014215.1
CIA PETROLIFERA        MRLM3B BZ      377592596      -3014215.1
CIA PETROLIFERA        1CPMON BZ      377592596      -3014215.1
CIA PETROLIF-PRF       MRLM4 BZ       377592596      -3014215.1
CIA PETROLIF-PRF       MRLM4B BZ      377592596      -3014215.1
CIA PETROLIF-PRF       1CPMPN BZ      377592596      -3014215.1
CIMOB PARTIC SA        GAFP3 BZ      44047412.2     -45669964.1
CIMOB PARTIC SA        GAFON BZ      44047412.2     -45669964.1
CIMOB PART-PREF        GAFP4 BZ      44047412.2     -45669964.1
CIMOB PART-PREF        GAFPN BZ      44047412.2     -45669964.1
COBRASMA               CBMA3 BZ      73710194.2     -2330089496
COBRASMA SA            COBRON BZ     73710194.2     -2330089496
COBRASMA SA-PREF       COBRPN BZ     73710194.2     -2330089496
COBRASMA-PREF          CBMA4 BZ      73710194.2     -2330089496
D H B                  DHBI3 BZ       103378506      -180639480
D H B-PREF             DHBI4 BZ       103378506      -180639480
DHB IND E COM          DHBON BZ       103378506      -180639480
DHB IND E COM-PR       DHBPN BZ       103378506      -180639480
DOCA INVESTIMENT       DOCA3 BZ       187044412      -204249587
DOCA INVEST-PREF       DOCA4 BZ       187044412      -204249587
DOCAS SA               DOCAON BZ      187044412      -204249587
DOCAS SA-PREF          DOCAPN BZ      187044412      -204249587
DOCAS SA-RTS PRF       DOCA2 BZ       187044412      -204249587
EBX BRASIL SA          CTMN3 BZ      2670745328      -202996314
ELEC ARG SA-PREF       EASA6 AR       945325071     -56471446.1
ELEC ARGENT-ADR        EASA LX        945325071     -56471446.1
ELEC DE ARGE-ADR       1262Q US       945325071     -56471446.1
ELECTRICIDAD ARG       3447811Z AR    945325071     -56471446.1
ENDESA - RTS           CECOX AR       271025064     -37667553.4
ENDESA COST-ADR        CRCNY US       271025064     -37667553.4
ENDESA COSTAN-         CECO2 AR       271025064     -37667553.4
ENDESA COSTAN-         CECOD AR       271025064     -37667553.4
ENDESA COSTAN-         CECOC AR       271025064     -37667553.4
ENDESA COSTAN-         EDCFF US       271025064     -37667553.4
ENDESA COSTAN-A        CECO1 AR       271025064     -37667553.4
ESTRELA SA             ESTR3 BZ      76575881.3      -120012837
ESTRELA SA             ESTRON BZ     76575881.3      -120012837
ESTRELA SA-PREF        ESTR4 BZ      76575881.3      -120012837
ESTRELA SA-PREF        ESTRPN BZ     76575881.3      -120012837
F GUIMARAES            FGUI3 BZ      11016542.2      -151840378
F GUIMARAES-PREF       FGUI4 BZ      11016542.2      -151840378
FABRICA RENAUX         FTRX3 BZ      66603695.4     -76419246.3
FABRICA RENAUX         FRNXON BZ     66603695.4     -76419246.3
FABRICA RENAUX-P       FTRX4 BZ      66603695.4     -76419246.3
FABRICA RENAUX-P       FRNXPN BZ     66603695.4     -76419246.3
FABRICA TECID-RT       FTRX1 BZ      66603695.4     -76419246.3
FER HAGA-PREF          HAGA4 BZ      19848769.9     -38798309.5
FERRAGENS HAGA         HAGAON BZ     19848769.9     -38798309.5
FERRAGENS HAGA-P       HAGAPN BZ     19848769.9     -38798309.5
FERREIRA GUIMARA       FGUION BZ     11016542.2      -151840378
FERREIRA GUIM-PR       FGUIPN BZ     11016542.2      -151840378
GRADIENTE ELETR        IGBON BZ       346216965     -42013205.9
GRADIENTE EL-PRA       IGBAN BZ       346216965     -42013205.9
GRADIENTE EL-PRB       IGBBN BZ       346216965     -42013205.9
GRADIENTE EL-PRC       IGBCN BZ       346216965     -42013205.9
GRADIENTE-PREF A       IGBR5 BZ       346216965     -42013205.9
GRADIENTE-PREF B       IGBR6 BZ       346216965     -42013205.9
GRADIENTE-PREF C       IGBR7 BZ       346216965     -42013205.9
HAGA                   HAGA3 BZ      19848769.9     -38798309.5
HOTEIS OTHON SA        HOOT3 BZ       238958413     -22929896.5
HOTEIS OTHON SA        HOTHON BZ      238958413     -22929896.5
HOTEIS OTHON-PRF       HOOT4 BZ       238958413     -22929896.5
HOTEIS OTHON-PRF       HOTHPN BZ      238958413     -22929896.5
IGB ELETRONICA         IGBR3 BZ       346216965     -42013205.9
IGUACU CAFE            IGUA3 BZ       214061113     -63930746.9
IGUACU CAFE            IGCSON BZ      214061113     -63930746.9
IGUACU CAFE            IGUCF US       214061113     -63930746.9
IGUACU CAFE-PR A       IGUA5 BZ       214061113     -63930746.9
IGUACU CAFE-PR A       IGCSAN BZ      214061113     -63930746.9
IGUACU CAFE-PR A       IGUAF US       214061113     -63930746.9
IGUACU CAFE-PR B       IGUA6 BZ       214061113     -63930746.9
IGUACU CAFE-PR B       IGCSBN BZ      214061113     -63930746.9
IMPSAT FIBER NET       IMPTQ US       535007008       -17164978
IMPSAT FIBER NET       330902Q GR     535007008       -17164978
IMPSAT FIBER NET       XIMPT SM       535007008       -17164978
IMPSAT FIBER-$US       IMPTD AR       535007008       -17164978
IMPSAT FIBER-BLK       IMPTB AR       535007008       -17164978
IMPSAT FIBER-C/E       IMPTC AR       535007008       -17164978
IMPSAT FIBER-CED       IMPT AR        535007008       -17164978
INVERS ELEC BUEN       IEBAA AR       239575758     -28902145.8
INVERS ELEC BUEN       IEBAB AR       239575758     -28902145.8
INVERS ELEC BUEN       IEBA AR        239575758     -28902145.8
KARSTEN                CTKCF US       161482221     -4141092.01
KARSTEN                CTKON BZ       161482221     -4141092.01
KARSTEN SA             CTKA3 BZ       161482221     -4141092.01
KARSTEN SA - RCT       CTKA9 BZ       161482221     -4141092.01
KARSTEN SA - RCT       CTKA10 BZ      161482221     -4141092.01
KARSTEN SA - RTS       CTKA1 BZ       161482221     -4141092.01
KARSTEN SA - RTS       CTKA2 BZ       161482221     -4141092.01
KARSTEN-PREF           CTKPF US       161482221     -4141092.01
KARSTEN-PREF           CTKA4 BZ       161482221     -4141092.01
KARSTEN-PREF           CTKPN BZ       161482221     -4141092.01
LAEP INVES-BDR B       0163599D BZ    222902269      -255311026
LAEP INVESTMEN-B       0122427D LX    222902269      -255311026
LAEP INVESTMENTS       LEAP LX        222902269      -255311026
LAEP-BDR               MILK33 BZ      222902269      -255311026
LAEP-BDR               MILK11 BZ      222902269      -255311026
LOJAS ARAPUA           LOAR3 BZ      38857516.9     -3355978520
LOJAS ARAPUA           LOARON BZ     38857516.9     -3355978520
LOJAS ARAPUA-GDR       3429T US      38857516.9     -3355978520
LOJAS ARAPUA-GDR       LJPSF US      38857516.9     -3355978520
LOJAS ARAPUA-PRF       LOAR4 BZ      38857516.9     -3355978520
LOJAS ARAPUA-PRF       LOARPN BZ     38857516.9     -3355978520
LOJAS ARAPUA-PRF       52353Z US     38857516.9     -3355978520
LUPATECH SA            LUPA3 BZ       584100366      -304853641
LUPATECH SA            LUPTF US       584100366      -304853641
LUPATECH SA            LUPAF US       584100366      -304853641
LUPATECH SA            LUPTQ US       584100366      -304853641
LUPATECH SA -RCT       LUPA9 BZ       584100366      -304853641
LUPATECH SA-ADR        LUPAY US       584100366      -304853641
LUPATECH SA-ADR        LUPAQ US       584100366      -304853641
LUPATECH SA-RT         LUPA11 BZ      584100366      -304853641
LUPATECH SA-RTS        1041054D BZ    584100366      -304853641
LUPATECH SA-RTS        LUPA1 BZ       584100366      -304853641
MANGELS INDL           MGEL3 BZ       186096273       -50186882
MANGELS INDL SA        MISAON BZ      186096273       -50186882
MANGELS INDL-PRF       MGIRF US       186096273       -50186882
MANGELS INDL-PRF       MGEL4 BZ       186096273       -50186882
MANGELS INDL-PRF       MISAPN BZ      186096273       -50186882
MINUPAR                MNPR3 BZ      90210352.5      -117166643
MINUPAR SA             MNPRON BZ     90210352.5      -117166643
MINUPAR SA-PREF        MNPRPN BZ     90210352.5      -117166643
MINUPAR-PREF           MNPR4 BZ      90210352.5      -117166643
MINUPAR-RCT            9314634Q BZ   90210352.5      -117166643
MINUPAR-RCT            0599564D BZ   90210352.5      -117166643
MINUPAR-RCT            MNPR9 BZ      90210352.5      -117166643
MINUPAR-RT             9314542Q BZ   90210352.5      -117166643
MINUPAR-RT             0599562D BZ   90210352.5      -117166643
MINUPAR-RTS            MNPR1 BZ      90210352.5      -117166643
NORDON MET             NORD3 BZ      10859129.2     -33570700.5
NORDON METAL           NORDON BZ     10859129.2     -33570700.5
NORDON MET-RTS         NORD1 BZ      10859129.2     -33570700.5
NOVA AMERICA SA        NOVA3 BZ      21287488.9      -183535526
NOVA AMERICA SA        NOVA3B BZ     21287488.9      -183535526
NOVA AMERICA SA        NOVAON BZ     21287488.9      -183535526
NOVA AMERICA SA        1NOVON BZ     21287488.9      -183535526
NOVA AMERICA-PRF       NOVA4 BZ      21287488.9      -183535526
NOVA AMERICA-PRF       NOVA4B BZ     21287488.9      -183535526
NOVA AMERICA-PRF       NOVAPN BZ     21287488.9      -183535526
NOVA AMERICA-PRF       1NOVPN BZ     21287488.9      -183535526
OGX PETROLEO           CTCO3 BZ      2104841243     -4244633894
OLEO E GAS P-ADR       OGXPY US      2104841243     -4244633894
OLEO E GAS P-ADR       OGXPYEUR EO   2104841243     -4244633894
OLEO E GAS P-ADR       OGXPYEUR EU   2104841243     -4244633894
OLEO E GAS P-ADR       8OGB GR       2104841243     -4244633894
OLEO E GAS PART        OGXP3 BZ      2104841243     -4244633894
OLEO E GAS PART        OGXP5 BZ      2104841243     -4244633894
OLEO E GAS PART        OGXP6 BZ      2104841243     -4244633894
OLEO E GAS PART        OGXPF US      2104841243     -4244633894
OSX BRASIL - RTS       0701756D BZ   2670745328      -202996314
OSX BRASIL - RTS       0701757D BZ   2670745328      -202996314
OSX BRASIL - RTS       0812903D BZ   2670745328      -202996314
OSX BRASIL - RTS       0812904D BZ   2670745328      -202996314
OSX BRASIL - RTS       OSXB1 BZ      2670745328      -202996314
OSX BRASIL - RTS       OSXB9 BZ      2670745328      -202996314
OSX BRASIL SA          OSXB3 BZ      2670745328      -202996314
OSX BRASIL SA          EBXB3 BZ      2670745328      -202996314
OSX BRASIL SA          OSXRF US      2670745328      -202996314
OSX BRASIL S-GDR       OSXRY US      2670745328      -202996314
PADMA INDUSTRIA        LCSA4 BZ       388720096      -213641152
PARMALAT               LCSA3 BZ       388720096      -213641152
PARMALAT BRASIL        LCSAON BZ      388720096      -213641152
PARMALAT BRAS-PF       LCSAPN BZ      388720096      -213641152
PARMALAT BR-RT C       LCSA5 BZ       388720096      -213641152
PARMALAT BR-RT P       LCSA6 BZ       388720096      -213641152
PETROLERA DEL CO       PSUR AR       70120174.9       -27864484
PILMAIQUEN             PILMAIQ CI     200140666     -20597929.7
PORTX OPERACOES        PRTX3 BZ       976769385     -9407990.18
PORTX OPERA-GDR        PXTPY US       976769385     -9407990.18
PUYEHUE                PUYEH CI      21553021.9     -5145184.07
PUYEHUE RIGHT          PUYEHUOS CI   21553021.9     -5145184.07
RECRUSUL               RCSL3 BZ      41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RCT         4529789Q BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RCT         4529793Q BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RCT         0163582D BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RCT         0163583D BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RCT         0614675D BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RCT         0614676D BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RCT         RCSL10 BZ     41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RT          4529781Q BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RT          4529785Q BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RT          0163579D BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RT          0163580D BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RT          0614673D BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL - RT          0614674D BZ   41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL SA            RESLON BZ     41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL SA-PREF       RESLPN BZ     41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL SA-RCT        RCSL9 BZ      41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL SA-RTS        RCSL1 BZ      41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL SA-RTS        RCSL2 BZ      41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL-BON RT        RCSL11 BZ     41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL-BON RT        RCSL12 BZ     41395863.2     -21007926.7
RECRUSUL-PREF          RCSL4 BZ      41395863.2     -21007926.7
REDE EMP ENE ELE       ELCA4 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
REDE EMP ENE ELE       ELCA3 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
REDE EMPRESAS-PR       REDE4 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENERGIA SA        REDE3 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENERGIA SA-       REDE2 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENERGIA-RTS       REDE1 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENERG-UNIT        REDE11 BZ     1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENER-RCT          3907731Q BZ   1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENER-RCT          REDE9 BZ      1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENER-RCT          REDE10 BZ     1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENER-RT           3907727Q BZ   1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENER-RT           1011624D BZ   1029019993      -128321599
REDE ENER-RT           1011625D BZ   1029019993      -128321599
RENAUXVIEW SA          TXRX3 BZ      54394844.4     -90675345.2
RENAUXVIEW SA-PF       TXRX4 BZ      54394844.4     -90675345.2
RIMET                  REEM3 BZ       103098359      -185417651
RIMET                  REEMON BZ      103098359      -185417651
RIMET-PREF             REEM4 BZ       103098359      -185417651
RIMET-PREF             REEMPN BZ      103098359      -185417651
SANESALTO              SNST3 BZ      20127540.6     -7418183.32
SANSUY                 SNSY3 BZ       188091749      -164364290
SANSUY SA              SNSYON BZ      188091749      -164364290
SANSUY SA-PREF A       SNSYAN BZ      188091749      -164364290
SANSUY SA-PREF B       SNSYBN BZ      188091749      -164364290
SANSUY-PREF A          SNSY5 BZ       188091749      -164364290
SANSUY-PREF B          SNSY6 BZ       188091749      -164364290
SCHLOSSER              SCLO3 BZ      51334306.9       -58463309
SCHLOSSER SA           SCHON BZ      51334306.9       -58463309
SCHLOSSER SA-PRF       SCHPN BZ      51334306.9       -58463309
SCHLOSSER-PREF         SCLO4 BZ      51334306.9       -58463309
SNIAFA SA              SNIA AR       11229696.2     -2670544.86
SNIAFA SA-B            SDAGF US      11229696.2     -2670544.86
SNIAFA SA-B            SNIA5 AR      11229696.2     -2670544.86
STAROUP SA             STARON BZ     27663605.3     -7174512.12
STAROUP SA-PREF        STARPN BZ     27663605.3     -7174512.12
TEC TOY SA-PF B        TOYB6 BZ      33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY SA-PREF        TOYDF US      33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY SA-PREF        TOYB5 BZ      33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY-RCT            7335626Q BZ   33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY-RCT            7335630Q BZ   33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY-RCT            TOYB9 BZ      33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY-RCT            TOYB10 BZ     33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY-RT             7335610Q BZ   33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY-RT             7335614Q BZ   33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY-RT             TOYB1 BZ      33401974.6     -468978.338
TEC TOY-RT             TOYB2 BZ      33401974.6     -468978.338
TECTOY                 TOYB3 BZ      33401974.6     -468978.338
TECTOY                 TOYB13 BZ     33401974.6     -468978.338
TECTOY SA              TOYBON BZ     33401974.6     -468978.338
TECTOY SA-PREF         TOYBPN BZ     33401974.6     -468978.338
TECTOY-PF-RTS5/6       TOYB11 BZ     33401974.6     -468978.338
TECTOY-PREF            TOYB4 BZ      33401974.6     -468978.338
TECTOY-RCPT PF B       TOYB12 BZ     33401974.6     -468978.338
TEKA                   TKTQF US       367577608      -421708949
TEKA                   TEKA3 BZ       367577608      -421708949
TEKA                   TEKAON BZ      367577608      -421708949
TEKA-ADR               TEKAY US       367577608      -421708949
TEKA-ADR               TKTPY US       367577608      -421708949
TEKA-ADR               TKTQY US       367577608      -421708949
TEKA-PREF              TKTPF US       367577608      -421708949
TEKA-PREF              TEKA4 BZ       367577608      -421708949
TEKA-PREF              TEKAPN BZ      367577608      -421708949
TEKA-RCT               TEKA9 BZ       367577608      -421708949
TEKA-RCT               TEKA10 BZ      367577608      -421708949
TEKA-RTS               TEKA1 BZ       367577608      -421708949
TEKA-RTS               TEKA2 BZ       367577608      -421708949
TEXTEIS RENA-RCT       TXRX9 BZ      54394844.4     -90675345.2
TEXTEIS RENA-RCT       TXRX10 BZ     54394844.4     -90675345.2
TEXTEIS RENAU-RT       TXRX1 BZ      54394844.4     -90675345.2
TEXTEIS RENAU-RT       TXRX2 BZ      54394844.4     -90675345.2
TEXTEIS RENAUX         RENXON BZ     54394844.4     -90675345.2
TEXTEIS RENAUX         RENXPN BZ     54394844.4     -90675345.2
VARIG PART EM SE       VPSC3 BZ        83017828      -495721697
VARIG PART EM TR       VPTA3 BZ      49432119.3      -399290357
VARIG PART EM-PR       VPTA4 BZ      49432119.3      -399290357
VARIG PART EM-PR       VPSC4 BZ        83017828      -495721697
VARIG SA               VAGV3 BZ       966298048     -4695211008
VARIG SA               VARGON BZ      966298048     -4695211008
VARIG SA-PREF          VAGV4 BZ       966298048     -4695211008
VARIG SA-PREF          VARGPN BZ      966298048     -4695211008
WETZEL SA              MWET3 BZ      97509409.1     -4549842.72
WETZEL SA              MWELON BZ     97509409.1     -4549842.72
WETZEL SA-PREF         MWET4 BZ      97509409.1     -4549842.72
WETZEL SA-PREF         MWELPN BZ     97509409.1     -4549842.72
WIEST                  WISA3 BZ      34107195.1      -126993682
WIEST SA               WISAON BZ     34107195.1      -126993682
WIEST SA-PREF          WISAPN BZ     34107195.1      -126993682
WIEST-PREF             WISA4 BZ      34107195.1      -126993682


Monday's edition of the TCR-LA delivers a list of indicative
prices for bond issues that reportedly trade well below par.
Prices are obtained by TCR-LA editors from a variety of outside
sources during the prior week we think are reliable.   Those
sources may not, however, be complete or accurate.  The Monday
Bond Pricing table is compiled on the Friday prior to publication.
Prices reported are not intended to reflect actual trades.  Prices
for actual trades are probably different.  Our objective is to
share information, not make markets in publicly traded securities.
Nothing in the TCR-LA constitutes an offer or solicitation to buy
or sell any security of any kind.  It is likely that some entity
affiliated with a TCR-LA editor holds some position in the
issuers' public debt and equity securities about which we report.

Tuesday's edition of the TCR-LA features a list of companies with
insolvent balance sheets obtained by our editors based on the
latest balance sheets publicly available a day prior to
publication.  At first glance, this list may look like the
definitive compilation of stocks that are ideal to sell short.
Don't be fooled.  Assets, for example, reported at historical cost
net of depreciation may understate the true value of a firm's
assets.  A company may establish reserves on its balance sheet for
liabilities that may never materialize.  The prices at which
equity securities trade in public market are determined by more
than a balance sheet solvency test.

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