How will Borders Group, Inc. (NYSE:BGP; OTCBB:BGPIQ) 
persuade its creditors to be on the same page for the 
book retailer's restructuring and navigate its way out 
of chapter 11 bankruptcy?  BORDERS GROUP BANKRUPTCY 
NEWS provides the information.

Download the first nine issues of BORDERS GROUP BANKRUPTCY
NEWS at no charge:

     Issue No. 1, published Feb. 17, 2011
     Issue No. 2, published Feb. 18, 2011
     Issue No. 3, published Feb. 22, 2011
     Issue No. 4, published Mar. 1, 2011
     Issue No. 5, published Mar. 14, 2011
     Issue No. 6, published Mar. 16, 2011
     Issue No. 7, published Mar. 21, 2011
     Issue No. 8, published Mar. 25, 2011
     Issue No. 9, published Mar. 29, 2011

BORDERS GROUP BANKRUPTCY NEWS covers the bookstore chain's 
journey into Chapter 11 as the Ann Arbor-based bookseller 
attempts to restructure its operations.  From the nine
issues of BORDERS GROUP BANKRUPTCY NEWS are a $360 value 
we're giving away for free!

To receive future editions of BORDERS GROUP BANKRUPTCY NEWS:

     (A) complete and return the subscription form included
         in Issue No. 1 for an on-going paid subscription; or

     (B) purchase single issues at 
         using a major credit card.

BORDERS GROUP BANKRUPTCY NEWS is distributed to paying 
subscribers by electronic mail.  New issues are published on an 
ad hoc basis as significant activity occurs (generally every 10 
to 20 days) in the Debtor's cases.  The subscription rate is 
US$45 per issue.
Newsletters are delivered via e-mail; invoices, transmitted 
following publication of each newsletter issue, arrive by fax.
Re-mailing of BORDERS GROUP BANKRUPTCY NEWS is prohibited.  
Distribution to multiple individuals at the same firm is provided 
at no additional charge; folks outside of your firm should set-up 
and pay for their own subscriptions.  Subscriptions may be 
canceled at any time without further obligation. 
To continue receiving BORDERS GROUP BANKRUPTCY NEWS, please 
complete the subscription form included in Issue No. 1 and return 
it by fax or e-mail to:
                Bankruptcy Creditors' Service, Inc.
                572 Fernwood Lane
                Fairless Hills, PA 19030
                Telephone (215) 945-7000
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