Troubled Company Prospector (TCP) identifies and profiles United States and Canadian companies with assets of $10 million or more showing early signs of
financial strain or difficulty and is emailed to you every Monday morning. There are a dozen trigger events, some of which will be familiar. For specific trigger
events and details click here. Each profile contains a detailed description of the subject's triggering event.

Troubled Company Prospector has been published since 1993, more than 25 years ago.

Profiles enable you to evaluate prospects.

You get the company name, address, phone, NAICS number, event details, business description, officers, a quick financial overview and a list of outstanding
debt and equity securities. We give you everything you need to determine whether to pursue a prospect and the contact information you'll need.

Troubled Company Prospector is easy to use.

You determine the appropriate criteria to evaluate prospects. Scan the TCP's alphabetical index of all firms profiled in the past week and the trigger event to
find firms that meet your specifications. The reference number in the index links you to the detailed profile for further evaluation.

Choose your own tactics.

Every case is different, and the resources available are different. We brief you on the business and the problem. Evaluate the need and formulate your solutions.
Utilize your resources to engage the prospective client.

What does it cost?

The first subscription is $795 for 1 year. Your introductory price is $725, a $70 savings. Are there additional people on your team with client contacts?
Additional subscriptions to the same company are $40 each. Your price is $25 each.

Sounds good. I would like to try it.

Okay. Use Troubled Company Prospector in your own office working environment and evaluate it. We will spot you a 30-day free trial. Click Here