TCR Resources Database

TCR Resources database is a searchable archive of TCR stories maintained for and available free to Troubled Company Reporter subscribers.
TCR Resources is the easiest way to research the history of individual cases.

TCR Resources is searchable by troubled company name, headline or full-text.

TCR Resources is the largest archive of US restructuring news. It contains over 600,000 stories on restructurings from 1994 to date.

Companion Tool for Troubled Company Reporter Subscribers

Do you ever get into a restructuring case and need to review the history of the company's difficulties? Do you ever have a vague recollection of a
similar fact situation in a past case to a current matter, and need to refresh your recollection? Does anyone ever draw a parallel to an unfamiliar
case, and you want to verify the comparison? Do you ever need to research the background of a restructuring professional or a judge?

And you don't want to dig out and read a lot of old documents and cases unless it's necessary.

TCR Resources is the answer.

What Does It Cost?

It's free. Nothing. Nada.