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EVERGREEN HOMES: Case Summary & 58 Largest Unsecured Creditors

Troubled Company Reporter, May 1, 2007 

Lead Debtor: Evergreen Homes, L.L.C.
             611 West Market Street
             Akron, OH 44303
             fdba Summit Redevelopment Co.

Bankruptcy Case No.: 07-51261

Debtor-affiliates filing separate chapter 11 petitions:

      Entity                                     Case No.
      ------                                     --------
      Evergreen Investment Corporation           07-51262
      Evergreen Builders, L.L.C.                 07-51263

Type of Business: The Debtor is an urban residential developer.  

Chapter 11 Petition Date: April 29, 2007

Court: Northern District of Ohio (Akron)

Judge: Marilyn Shea-Stonum

Debtors' Counsel: Howard E. Mentzer, Esq.
                  1 Cascade Plaza, Suite 1445
                  Akron, OH 44308
                  Tel: (330) 376-7500

Estimated Assets: $1 Million to $100 Million

Estimated Debts: $1 Million to $100 Million

A. Evergreen Homes, LLC's 18 Largest Unsecured Creditors:

   Entity                        Nature of Claim   Claim Amount
   ------                        ---------------   ------------
Dana Humphreys                   804 West Market       $120,000      
4310 Wickliffe Drive             Street, Akron,
Barberton, OH 44203              Ohio- vacant landlord

                                 522 White Trail,      $100,000
                                 Canton, Ohio-
                                 vacant lot -
                                 property sold April
                                 20, 2006 without
                                 satisfying lien

Harley & Carol Kastner           Summit County         $158,000
3771 Edinburg Drive              Common Pleas
Uniontown, OH 44685              Court, Summit
                                 County, Ohio
                                 Case No. 2006-09-

Terry & M. Nick Harbarger        Summit County         $100,000
5180 Greenwich Road              Common Pleas
Seville, OH 44273                Court, Summit
                                 County, Ohio
                                 Case No. 2006-09-

F.G. Ayers, Inc.                 trade debt- home       $84,754

Raycom Media/WUAB TV             trade debt-            $83,390

John A. Donofrio                 real estate            $63,583
                                 taxes- see
                                 schedule 10.4

First Merit Bank, N.A.           2873 South Main        $51,100
                                 Street, Akron,
                                 Ohio (sold on land
                                 contract- Taylor);
                                 value of security:
                                 $56,580; value of
                                 senior lien:

Time Warner Cable Ad Sales       trade debt-            $49,784

First Merit Bancard Center       credit cards           $35,366

Westfield Insurance Company      insurance              $31,595

Roetzel and Andress              legal services         $29,673

2722 Fulton, Ltd.                rent                   $26,072

WOIO-TV                          trade debt-            $20,540

Joe & Catherine Cannata          rent                   $17,500

Cuyahoga County Treasurer                               $17,601

Gary D. Ziegler                  taxes                  $13,345

R.E.M. Architects                trade debt             $11,487

Dominion East Ohio               utilities              $11,297

B. Evergreen Investment Corp's 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors:
   Entity                        Nature of Claim   Claim Amount
   ------                        ---------------   ------------
Evelyn Valentine                 investors/            $258,000
10106 McCallum                   certificate
Alliance, OH 44601               holder

Charles Berringer, Trustee       investors/            $175,000
2510 Brice Road                  certificate
Akron, OH 44313                  holder

Samuel Schott                    investors/            $173,000
2225 Lee Drive                   certificate
Akron, OH 44306                  holder

Sanford & Marjorie Speicher      investors/            $165,000

Harley & Carol Kastner           investors/            $158,000

J.A. & Eleanor Shaeffer          investors/            $156,400

Steve Rufener                    investors/            $150,000

William Materna                  investors/            $140,000

Bernard Wolak                    investors/            $135,000

Jerry & Mary Reed                investors/            $130,000

Paul Balazek                     investors/            $125,000

Richard or Helen Beichler        investors/            $125,000

Palmer Wetzel                    investors/            $125,000

Charlotte Welever                investors/            $120,000

Jacob F. or Della R. Hough       investors/            $113,000

Terry & Pebble Seller            investors/            $111,000

Jerry & Meredith Selby           investors/            $110,000

Terry Kiko                       investors/            $108,000

Randall or Kathy Krabill         investors/            $106,000

Lawrence Peelman                 investors/            $102,900

C. Evergreen Builders, LLC's 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors:

   Entity                        Nature of Claim   Claim Amount
   ------                        ---------------   ------------
Ed Schory & Son Co.              trade debt            $134,456
5177 Louisville Street
Louisville, OH 44624

Carter-Jones                     trade debt            $125,840
P.O. Box 40
Kent, OH 44240-0001

Holmes Siding Contractors        trade debt             $50,046

E.T. Construction Troyer         trade debt             $45,234

Roman Plumbing                   trade debt             $34,018

Alfieri Brothers Materials       trade debt             $23,664
Supply Co.

Maddern Electric, Inc.           trade debt             $21,993

Crown Heating & Cooling, Inc.    trade debt             $20,187

84 Lumber Company                trade debt             $19,489

Site Works Construction          trade debt             $19,198

Groundsource Excavating          trade debt             $17,580

Hartville Redi-Mix, Inc.         Stark County,          $16,042
                                 Common Pleas
                                 Court, Case No.
                                 2006 CV03040
                                 Summit County,
                                 Common Pleas
                                 Court, Case No.

Westfield Insurance Co.          liability              $14,492

Stahl Excavating, L.L.C.         trade debt             $14,413

John M. Miller $ Sons            trade debt             $13,504

Medina Supply Company            trade debt             $12,974

M.D. Concrete, Inc.              trade debt             $10,964

Robertson                        trade debt             $10,991

H&E Construction                 trade debt             $10,400

Jerry's Trucking & Excavating    consent judgment       $10,245
                                 in Canton
                                 Municipal Court
                                 Case No. 2006 CVF

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