What is Troubled Company Reporter?

Troubled Company Reporter (TCR) is the definitive source of restructuring news. Coverage includes all chapter 11 business filings as well as chapter 9
and 15 cases, continuing coverage of significant matters in individual cases with assets of more than $10 million, continuing coverage of companies
showing signs of financial weakness and various compilations of restructuring data selected by the editors.

Troubled Company Reporter began publishing in 1994, over 20 years ago. Today TCR publishes approximately 3,000 US restructuring stories per
month. For content detail and more specifics click here.

What is TCR Resources Database?

TCR Resources database is a searchable archive of TCR stories maintained for and available for free to Troubled Company Reporter subscribers.
TCR Resources is the convenient way to research the history of individual cases.

TCR Resources Database is the largest archive of US restructuring news from 1994 to date. It contains over 600,000 stories on restructurings.

For more information on using TCR Resources database click here.

Essential Tool for Restructuring Professionals

TCR uses a newspaper model for its stories. The stories are sorted by the debtor name and have descriptive headlines. Further, each issue begins with
an index. You can navigate through the content, and the content is easily digestible.

What Does It Cost?

The primary TCR subscription is $1,095 for six months. Your price is $975. Additional subscriptions for team members at the same firm is $40 each.
Your price is $25 each.

Still Hesitant?

Try TCR in your own environment and evaluate its value to you. We'll spot you a 30-day free trial. Click Here